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Marijuana Legalization in United States (US) - DOC

Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized1Why Marijuana Should Not Be LegalizedStudent's Name:Semester:Academic Year Period:University Name:Date of Submission:
Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized2Marijuana prohibition is not a burden to the society; instead, it is a benefit. Just like alcohol,marijuana has negative impacts and it more related to crime and addiction(Hopfer, 2014). If thelegislature agrees with the legalization of marijuana, they must be ready to face the consequencesof their actions such as residents driving under the influence of the drug and even much worselike dealers engaging in other harder drugs.Legalization advocates have opened up discussions with the law regarding the medicinal use ofthe drug, but there's not enough evidence to show the benefits are more than the risks. Someanecdotal evidence suggests that most of those discussions are facilitated by people who justwant to get high.According to research done by United Nations, marijuana substance is the second from alcoholto be found in the bodies of drivers involved in fatal accidents. The researchers also found outthat more than 3.8% of the planet's population uses the substance. According to US DrugEnforcement Administration, most of the criminal arrested in 2005 were tested positive formarijuana. My question is, why would anyone feel any need to make such a substance legal andsocially acceptable?Most pot smokers argue that marijuana makes them relax and are more aggressive(Cooper, andHaney, 2010). Surprisingly, research on the link between marijuana and aggression is mixed as itseems to make people relax but all the same, it causes paranoia and anxiety problem making theusers a threat to themselves or others.Studies show that marijuana harms both the teenage and an adult brain(Ammerman, Ryan,Adelman, and Committee on Substance Abuse, 2015). What I am mostly concerned about, is the
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