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Marine Biology and Statistics : Assignment

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Running head: Marine Biology/Statistics1Marine Biology/StatisticsbyCourse:Tutor:University:Department:01 November 2017
Marine Biology/Statistics2Low zoneAscophyllum nodosum had the longest box plot of fairly equal size with a long top whisker. Theequal long length of the box plot suggests an even distribution of the species across all quadratsbut in varying higher percentage. The only long upper whisker depicts a discrete distributionamongst the positive quartile group.Filamentous Green Algae had the shortest box plots of equal lengths and top longer whiskercompared with the bottom whisker. Comparatively short box plots with equal lengths suggestlow level/absence of vegetation cover across all the quadrants and longer top whisker means thespecies distribution is varied amongst the most median group, whereas a short bottom whisperimplies minimal/no species distribution below the minimum score.Fucus serratus is represented by a short box plot with equal boxes and with the lower whiskerbeing fairly shorter than the upper whisker. A comparatively short box plot suggests that thedistribution of the species is low while a shorter bottom whisker ending at the minimum scorebut within the median and the longer top whisker shows a wide range of scores outside themedian. These suggest that the distribution of the species is wide spread above the median whilefew plants cover areas below the mean (but within the first quartile).Fucus vesiculosus has comparatively short boxes with both whiskers of varying lengths. The topwhisker is longer than the lower one. The rather short box plots imply that overall species has alow level of distribution with most of the plant dominating the median area of distribution as isrepresented by the longer top whisker than the bottom one.
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