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Running head: MARKET ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSISMarket analysis and behavioral analysisName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1MARKET ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSISSection 1: Market analysisHigh technology based markets are responsible for bringing changes in the adoption ofmarketing strategies. For this paper, the utilization of a mobile application based businesssolution will be utilized. This involves the adoption of a mobile application which in turn willlead to the adoption of various other types of marketing strategies. This will mainly involve theutilization of digital marketing strategies which will be used to market their product. Such typesof marketing solution are used to showcase the standards of any kind of high technology basedmarket products.Analysis of the market involvedFor adopting the set marketing based strategies, the owners of the product recommendsanalyzing the market by utilizing their own service offer. This will be aimed in creating visibilityin their products which will help in a better analysis of the market which in turn will lead tobetter customer reach and brand followers. In addition, the application will be provided free ofcost to the end-users so that the installation counts of the product can be increased. Theadditional features of the application will be prompted for buying from the customers involved(Maity & Dass, 2014). This will help in generating revenues from the customers which in turnwill lead to the betterment of the customers involved. Lastly, the aim of this application will befocused on generating high user ratings from the customers. This will also help in creating brandrelated contents so that effective followers are produced.Marketing framework
2MARKET ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSISIn the modern times, the market is being saturated everyday with new kinds of innovativecontents. It is thus required for the content makers to analyze the market carefully before optingfor advertising. The presence of higher amount of saturation in the digital market makes it a littlecomplex in getting to the crowd. For this reason, the utilization of interdisciplinary frameworkfor strategic marketing is utilized by many marketers on this case (Lu et al., 2015). In this case,the utilization of a single strategic marketing form helps any company to sell high technologybased products. The use of such framework is defined by the adoption of integrating factorswhich can help in getting marketing of the products.FeaturesFor selling of the mobile application, the utilization of m-commerce is to be used. Thistype of marketing strategy is mainly utilized for the mobile applications. The utilization of an m-commerce system helps in targeting mobile users with a product that will be installed in theirdevices. As in the recent era, people have been including Smartphone in their daily lives whichhave been the reason for the increase in the mobile application market. There are various key-features of the m-commerce sectors which are the main reason for its utilization. The first featureis the presence of ubiquity. This means that the application is always online no matter thelocation of the requirement (Khan, Talib & Faisal, 2015). This is considered to be the mainrequirement in business which helps in reaching out to a customer anytime. The next feature isthe convenience in use. This helps the end-users communicate to the company involved in a veryeasy way. In addition, this also helps in making brand awareness in the market involved. This isthe main reason for the increase in the interactions among the consumers and the companyinvolved. Lastly, the localization and personalization can be termed as another benefit includedin the idea of mobile application development. This helps in determining the location of the
3MARKET ANALYSIS AND BEHAVIORAL ANALYSISconsumers which in turn helps in providing personalized services (Heinze, Thomann & Fischer,2017). For example, in case of any taxi based application, the location of the consumers is firstcollected and then the services are offered to them. This is the main considerations in businesswhich helps in making lifestyle easier for the customers. This in turn leads to the better brandrecognition in the market involved.ParametersAccording to the m-commerce network, there are six different parameters included whichis adopted in business perspectives. The first is the customers who are the end-users. The nextare the network operations who are responsible for maintaining the connectivity among thevarious associated aspects. The third parameter is technology vendors who will provide thenecessary hardware and software for the technology involved (Köster, Matt & Hess, 2016). Thefourth one is the application developers who are mainly comprised of software developers andtechnology makers. The fifth parameter includes the content providers who will provide the webcontent. Lastly, the service providers are the ISPs who will provide services.
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