Market Analysis and Sales Development Research Report

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Market Analysis and Sales Development of Godiva-Hong Kong.BackgroundGodiva Chocolatier is a Hong Kong based company which began its processes in 1926 inBrussels, Belgium. The company is recognized as one of the leading brand of fine chocolates.The fine products of Godiva range from praline chocolates, shell-molded chocolates and truffles,coffees, biscuits collections, chocolate drinks representing the dedication of the companytowards excellence. Godiva has been embodying the art of chocolates with a creative andinnovative approach towards texture, flavor and appearance.Aim of the studyThe aim of the research is to analyze the Hong Kong market of Godiva and find the size of theretail network of Godiva. The customer responses towards Godiva would be asked so as to gothrough the interest of purchasing and using of Godiva products. Therefore, the demand of theproducts would be analyzed in this project so as to accomplish the business objectives and salesdevelopment of the company.According toKotler, Rackham, and Krishnaswamy (2006), the sales function is considered to bethe closest contact to their customers and further a strong customer orientation (Homburg andJensen, 2007). Therefore, the information must be shared with the market analysis and R&Ddepartment so as to improve the process of assessing, finding and selectingbetter and innovativeideas for the company.Research questions1.What is the current marketing strategy and sales growth of the company?2.What are the strengths of the company as compared to its rivals?
3.What are the strategies that can be employed by the company for advancing the salesvolume of the company?Research objectives1.To determine the current marketing strategy and sales growth of the company.2.To determine the impact of market segmentation and strategies on the market and salesperformance of the company.3.To determine the various aspects for increasing the sales development and marketpresence of the company.Research methodsResearch designThe paper will follow the approach of a case study in order to understand the various aspects ofthe market presence and sales development of the company. This approach would be the best inorder to understand the current position and future state of the company with furtherimprovement in the company (Baxter, P., & Jack, S., 2008). The mixed research design would bebeneficial in conducting the research study and the paper will combine the qualitative as well asquantitative data collection and its technique (Dörnyei, Z., 2007).Data collectionThe paper will use the qualitative as well as quantitative approach for collecting the data.1.Semi-structureFor determining the current position of the market and the sales growth of the company, semi-structure, in-depth interview will be conducted in for the company so as to encompass the themesand questions related to the current as well as the future state of the company. The outcome ofthese semi-structured interviews will be studied. This mode will be beneficial in providing the
knowledge which is associated with the internal and external factors of the company that mightaffect the future performance of the company. Three interviews will be conducted with anoverall duration of around 45 minutes to an hour.2.Group interviewsIn order to determine the sales performance and development of the company, the employeeswill asked to participate in the group interviews so as to assess the perceived values and marketposition by the employees of the Godiva. Group interview methods would help in determiningthe relationships in the various departments of the company.3.QuestionnairesThe questionnaire is a statistical tool for analyzing the desired data and information regarding theissue from the respondents. These documents are printed and then distributed among therespondents and may have various subjective and objective questions. This methods helps incollecting the opinions of the people along with evaluating the answers. Therefore the customersatisfaction and other related views can easily be estimated using the questionnaire. It will havetwenty questions and will intend to collect as much information as it can. The customers will begiven questionnaire via the mail to over eighty customers. In order to avoid any type of bias,random sampling will be performed.4.Multi-source secondary dataThe annual documents, reports and forms of the company will be used for conducting theanalysis of the company so as to determine various factors affecting the internal and externalenvironment of the company.
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