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BACKGROUNDMarketing plan will be including all major sections ruling out for expanding companyinto in market or increasing profits and customers as well. Marketing is the main essence of firmthat is enabling them to introduce new products or expanding their existing product or servicenew market. So, in this current report, Royal Children Hospital marketing plan will be producedincluding market analysis, macro and micro environment analysis and also the key objective ofmarketing. Further in this report that is based on marketing plan of Royal Children Hospitalwhich is famous hospital in Melbourne giving quality and best service to children so that trust ofparents could be gained. The hospital is providing complete range of services to children withincluding clinical services and promotion of health care so that programs for preventions couldalso be included within. Currently, it is dealing with speciality of children hospital having itscentre in both Melbourne and Victoria with about 334 beds in total.UNDERSTANDING MARKETMicro environmentThese are factors which is are affecting business from within the industry or companyitself and their ability to serve customers. Micro environment factors are generally within thecompany or external part of organisation like its policies, employees, management and productswhich they are selling. Micro environmental factors of Royal Children Hospital will be affectingtheir growth and profitability as hospital is also working as trauma centre in Victoria, cardiac andliver transplantation. The major factor could be number of bed within hospital as it will beincluding to change the policies and procedures of firm on larger terms. So, for analysing microenvironment factors and its effect on Royal Children Hospital, Porter’s 5 forces model and BCGmatrix will be done.Porter’s 5 forces modelPorter’s five forces model is an important tool for analysing and understanding which thefactors which could be driving are to shape the competitive advantage of company withinmarkets and industry. This could be helpful and used to make and modify strategies and as wellas policies for organisation in order to improve profits of firm in competitive markets. Power of supplier1

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