Marketing and Communications Assignment

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Running head:MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION1Marketing and communicationName:Institution Affiliation:
MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION2Purpose statementThe equal opportunity is the commitment declaration of any organization which entails recruitsand retaining talented staff from all the sectors of the society equally(Belch, Belch, Kerr &Powell, 2014). Moreover, Tar organization which is the basis of the research plan to meet theduties placed on them by equality and diversity legislation and follow on the best practice in allthat we they do(Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, 2014). The aspect of equal opportunities in thework place entails recruitment, employment as well as promotion which help the company inattaining the new scale for the future endeavors.Equal opportunities employment practices entails adhering to the federal, state as well as thelocal laws which prohibit on the discrimination in the workplace(Dam, van der Sanden &Stragier, 2014). The employers with the broad vision of what it entails equal opportunities to thepotential and the current employees create a workplace which helps them to work efficiently.Scope of policyThe scope of these procedures and the policy are based on implementation of non-discriminatoryaspect particularly prejudice which is experienced in the workplace(Hollensen, 2015). Thepolicy will guide the Tyre organization on how they could plan to prevent this aspect.Action planThe following is the action plan which tyre company in which it intends to implement on theissue of equal opportunity(Hollensen, 2015). The plan will entail the procedures and policyregulation in regards to employment.Adherence to the laws
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