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Running head: MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT1Marketing and ManagementStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT2Marketing and ManagementExecutive SummaryFirst, this report will discuss how the firm should draft a comprehensively-integratedmarketing communications plan by applying both bottom-up and top-up approaches. The secondpart of this report will seek to examine various challenges companies face when dealing with“feedback loops” in an attempt to create, plan, and then implement their marketingcommunications strategies. In essence, customer feedback loops provide companies withexcellent ways to understand their customers and ensure that services and products offered meet,and if possible, exceed customer expectations. The final part of this report will outline why it isessential to get customers involved with the firm and brand.IntroductionIn this scenario, where a marketing research company has given me a short-terminternship, I would follow various approaches to examine the commercial client base using thecurrent academic research. A bottom-up and top-up marketing approach will be applied.Notably, a bottom-up marketing approach has no single definition. Instead, it has a few uniquefeatures that differentiate it from the top-down strategy which is regarded as traditional (Batraand Keller, 2016). As opposed to traditional marketing, where executives are actively involved inthe development of a marketing plan and strategy to sell the firm’s services and products,bottom-up approach is often engineered by the company’s employees. In brief, employeesidentify a particular customer need and develop a marketing strategy that revolves around theidea.
MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT3Creating a Well-Integrated Marketing Communications PlanIn the modern business world, marketers presented with many choices on where and howto advertise services and products. Besides traditional approaches, which include directmarketing and print advertising, there is email marketing, social media sites, and web-basedadvertising (Jobber & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Many businesses are well aware that what worksin, for instance, traditional print marketing, may not work on social media sites or Web, and vise-versa is also true. While there exists no sure way to develop a fruitful integrated marketingcampaign, businesses can consider various crucial approaches. First, it is important to have adeep understanding of the target audience. This means that the business should identify the targetaudience while also considering both psychographic (attitudes and behaviors) and demographicfactors (Hewett, Rand, Rust, and van Heerde, 2016). As such, the firm will be in a better positionto create the essential messages and pinpoint the best and applicable communication channel.Besides this, the marketing team should identify the motivation of the target customers, whichmedia prefer for communication, and so on. All these questions should be answered prior tocreating the integrated marketing strategy. Another approach is to pick channels wisely.Notably, not all people like Facebook. Likewise, not all people like reading magazines.The business needs to identify the channels used by customers, the strengths and weaknesses ofthe channel, and how the channels will assist in achieving the company’s objectives. Goodmarketers should portray ruthlessness in selecting and rejecting Medias to adopt. In fact, it iswiser to focus on one channel that has been proven to be effective that struggling to use allchannels. Additionally, businesses need to consider adopting a consistent look and everythingshould appear as if it originated from the same company. A clear and consistent content shouldalso be created. The content should be developed in a way that it can easily be repurposed or
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