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Marketing Assignment Uniqlo Heat Tech

Added on - 11 May 2020

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Running head:UNIQLO HEAT TECH WINDOWS MARKETING1UNIQLO Heat Tech Windows MarketingNameInstitution
UNIQLO HEAT TECH WINDOWS MARKETING2UNIQLO Heat Tech Windows MarketingUNIQLO is a Japanese company that provides designer casual clothes which itmanufactures and retails. Its products are innovative and seek to add real value to theircustomers. UNIQLO Heat Tech provides clothes which are designed by the company withJapanese technology that keep the wearer warm by the use of a thin layer of fabric which is alsovery functional. Apart from clothes, the company has also provided windows. Winters are verycold times. This makes people incur huge heating costs as they try to make their households andoffices warm and they may also catch illnesses from the cold. In a bid to solve this problem,UNIQLO ran its campaign across all its one hundred and eighty stores in Korea in promotion ofthe windows, from November 4thto December 31st2016(UNIQLO, 2017).The company initially gave away a Heat Tech window freely to anyone who purchased aheat thermal wear product. In total, five hundred thousand people received the heat tech windowswhich when applied to their home windows enabled them to retain the warmth in the house andalso aided in reducing heating costs by twenty percent. This campaign video was able to reachthirty million views online. Consequently, Heat Tech recorded sales growth of two hundred andthree percent year on year growth.Question OneThe heat tech window campaign’s communication objectives include; informing peopleof the existence of a new product that can aid to satisfy their needs during the winter. The advertswere also created in a way that was appealing to the clients. In the advertisement, there is awarmth that is being depicted which serves to show people what the product is about andconsequently attract people to purchase the product(UNIQLO, 2011).
UNIQLO HEAT TECH WINDOWS MARKETING3The Heat Tech window campaign targeted people with different attributes. First, theytargeted people from geographical areas that were affected by extremely cold weather. This isbecause they had identified a need for warmth by the people as well as the need for people toreduce costs they previously incurred in heating expenditure. The targets were also households,schools, hospitals, and offices. This is because these are areas that people spend a lot of theirtime which would make them susceptible to the cold. To ensure that people are warm andcomfortable, there is a need to ensure that their environment is also warm and cozy especially athome.Question TwoThe theme of the Heat Tech window campaign is that the layer of air that is in thewindow blocks the conduction of heat between the inside and outside of a room consequentlyraising the temperature of the room. The Heat Tech campaign has made use of appeal to create apositive image of people who are enjoying the products and to influence the purchasing decisionsof the different people.The main appeal that has been used in the window campaign is emotional appeal. This isbecause the campaign has targeted the social and psychological needs that will lead people topurchase the products(Dinnie, 2010). Another form of appeal that is used in the campaign is arational appeal. This is because during the winter it is extremely cold and people will need tokeep their environments warm to shelter themselves from the cold weather. Since the Heat Techwindow products will keep the households and offices warm, it is only rational that people willpurchase the products. Moreover, the Heat Tech Windows will enable people to minimize theirheating costs. As a result, they will purchase the products.
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