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Marketing assignment.

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Marketing assignment
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the use of marketing tool by the company. The paper alsoanalyses the problem related to the marketing tool then recommendation has been made, and theproblem related to the performance measurement the on the basis of analysis solution has beenmade.The organizationI work for the charity organisation which mainly provide vocational skills training to enable thelocal communities and areas to gain the skills which help to provide employment. Theorganisation also helps to regenerate the economy. The employment training has beensuccessfully provided to more than one thousand local people who enable to access theemployment, and it also contributes towards the progress of individual life. The organisation hasa track record of individual development by providing a high quality of vocational training andcoaching which provide the privilege to fulfil the ambitions. The generosity of various localauthority and charity organisation is privileged by the company through grants which arereceived by the company for the development of local community. The company has deliveredvarious projects successfully which help young people and adults to become better citizens andsupported by national funders.My role is to manage the training programs conducted by organizations. All the businessobjectives are updated, developed and monitored with the forward planning for the success of thecompany. The duties also includes supervising daily activities which comprises of managingpersonnel and maximum utilization of resources, act as line manager in order to schedule,
motivate and coordinate the team and volunteers, managing of project’s budget, review ofefficiency and effectiveness of center in order to improve services, collection and analysis ofmanagement information, risk analysis to reduce the risk, support the board of trustees for thedevelopment, resolve financial queries, accountable for end to end project managementactivities, maintain line of communication, maximizing revenue and coordinate with bid writers.Marketing mixThe marketing mix is defined as the marketing tool which is used by the company to pursue themarketing objective in the specific market. It comprises of four levels, namely, price, product,place and promotion. The marketing mix elements are explained below:1.ProductThe product is produced by the company in order to satisfy the demand and needs ofcustomers. The organisation is providing vocational training in order to support thedevelopment of local community and surroundings. The company is providing a high qualityof services in order to develop the individual and enable to get employment opportunities. Inthe development phase the company has done extensive research in order to provide the highquality of vocational training. In the product life cycle, the company is at growth phase inwhich all the factors are growing. The company must invest in the marketing in order tostimulate the demand for generating high revenue within the particular time period. Theservices are used by the local consumers (Marketing Weekly News et al., 2013). The serviceshelp to provide employment opportunities and personal develop through the high quality ofvocational training. The services are of high quality which enables them to distinct amongthe competitors.
2.PriceThe company is using market penetration pricing strategy in order to attract a large numberof consumers. The organisation is a trust, so it only focuses on the development of anindividual and society rather than focusing on high revenue generation. The customerperceived value of the services is high which increase the price of vocational training. Thecurrent price strategy of the company is suitable as per the nature of the business. The priceof the services is based on the time of engagement and the nature of the project. But thepricing of the services is difficult due to intangible nature of services. The project is reviewedby the team members before fixing the price of the project which includes various factorssuch as mobility, venue, accessibility and others (Marketing Weekly News et al., 2013). Theexpectations of the community are also analysed in order to provide the high quality ofservices. The pricing strategy helps the company in the positioning of the services in themarket. The pricing strategy is one of the main elements which help the company to attractthe consumers and develop the profit margin. It also provides the competitive advantage tothe company.3.PlaceThe place is an important component marketing mix model.Place in this context refers toavenue by which goods and services reach the consumers, and it is a vital consideration forthe success of any product or service (The Open University et al., 2011). An organization candevelop an excellent service, price them appropriately but fail to offer it at the right placewhere the consumers can access it easily. The place is not only concerned with where a goodor service will be sold, but also concerned with the place of sale, but also how it is presentedto the customers (Mintz et al., 2013). In our case, there are no intermediaries, making the
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