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Marketing Communications CT0248426 - Assignment

Added on - 07 Dec 2020

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2TABLE OF CONTENT1.Executive Summary2.Introduction of the Company & the NewProducts3.Situational Analysis & MarketingCommunications Objectives4.Marketing Communications Strategy &Implementation Tactics5.Proposed Evaluation & Control Methods6.Sample Print Advertisement7.Recommendations & Conclusions8.Reference List
31.Executive SummaryDyson Ltd. is a company committed to design, research, andinnovation which has revolutionized consumer markets andparticipate in global competition. Dyson cornered the householdappliance market design and manufacture hairdryer, vacuumcleaner, heaters, lights, hand dryer, blade-less fan, and air purifieretc. Dyson has a long-standing commitment which is dedicated todeveloping in engineering and design household appliances.( Dyson, J. 2020)This isasynthetical marketing plan intended to outline thepromotion of a new hair washing machine by Dyson for furtherexpand its product frontier. This marketing plan willbebased onsituational analysis and marketing communication objectives toimplement marketing communication strategies and tactics,following with proposed evaluation and control methods. Thisanalysis investigates target market opportunities that will assure asuccessful product launch and create more values for the company.Dyson needs to seize the growing opportunities in thehousehold appliances market. Currently, in the household
4appliances market, there’s no hair washing machine productavailable, the entire market was totally blank. The household hairwashing machine is a unicorn product, by capitalizes Dyson’s brandrecognition and the high quality of innovative products Dyson hairwashing machine has unlimited potential.2.Introduction of the Company & the NewProductDyson Ltd. is a British, private company founded in 1991 byJames Dyson. Headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK. DysonLtd. is a global company by selling its products in over 65 countriesacross the globe. (Bennett, B. 2020) Currently, Dyson has12,000employees worldwide, generate 4.4 GBP billion revenue in 2018. (Stupples, B., & Metcalf, T. 2019 )On 22 January 2019, Dyson announced to move its headquarters toSingaporeinasmuch as near its biggest growing market, Asia. Notonly-but also the Brexit has huge uncertainty impact to its businessoperation. (Sandle, P. 2019 )The new Dyson hair washing machine is a unique product that
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