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How do your clothing preferences differ from those of your friends?
With reference to result from step 1, it shows that I am more of an extrovert rather
than an introvert person (Horwitz, Shutts and Olson 2014). No two people are alike in
personality or behavior. I tend to think and prospect more than to judge people around. I tend
to be confident in my abilities and decisions no matter what people say. My clothing
preferences are certainly different from the others as my personality trait is different. I like to
wear comfortable and loose clothes rather than the tight fitting ones. I am more comfortable
and relaxed in t-shirts, shirts, and track pants with sport shoes or jeans. I like to wear vibrant
colors, which suits me (Schloss, Strauss and Palmer 2013). I like to wear casual more when I
am out with friends or family, yet I dress up for parties or special event. I prefer wearing
clothes with light fabrics and simple yet well-dressed clothes. I do not like people who wear
dirt and untidy clothes and clothes which are too flashy.
What personality differences might explain why your preferences are different from
those of other people?
Personality is a mixture of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Recent study shows that
people with different personality traits such asnarcissism and antagonism are liberal when
they deal with people having troublesome traits (Woods et al. 2013). Differences in
personality address and focus on the question of common human nature, proportions of
individual trait and difference and exclusive prototype of individuals. Research in personality
differences varies from analysis of hereditary code to the study of ethnic, sexual, social and
artistic differences and including findings on cognitive aptitude, interpersonal skills and
emotional feelings. It can be possible that two or more individuals are alike in nature as
regards one or two characteristics, but it is not possible to have the same mixture of
uniqueness in two persons. Personality behavior will naturally shape as the outcome of the
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