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MARKETING ENVIRONMENT2Task 1: Auditing internal and external environments of the organizationThe organization that has been taken into account for performing the external, as well as the internal audit, is Toyota U.K. However, some of the analytical tools will be used in the above-mentioned process. Firstly, the internal audit of the organization will be performed. The tools that will be used in these tasks are PESTLE, SWOT, Porter's Five Forces, McKinsey's 7-S'sand QUEST that is Quick Environmental Scanning Technique. Furthermore, the internal audits regularly examine the business's actual operating methods of a company and contrasting them with the environmental management system manual. The main aims of the internal audit in Toyota are as follows: Firstly, to monitor where the environmental management processes are working well. Secondly, the company also sees where it needs to be improved and lastly, whether there are environmental risks that are potential in nature. On the other hand, the company also observed the following when they are conducting the internal environmental audit:If they are complying with the agreed objectives, policies, and targets of the EMS, the company also makes sure that if the requirements are met in terms of the EMS standard, they also try to make provision for the enough communication, and the company never fails to make sure that their contractors, employees, and suppliers have enough training so that they have the necessary skills. It has been observed that the company has also introduced the Environmental Management Systems Training Courses. The course will provide the individual with the requiredskills for identifying and implement necessary controls over the process with regards to the environment and also to consider the life cycle of services, activities, and products (Soh and Martinov-Bennie, 2011). The company also highlighted that the internal environmental audit must contain the following points: Focusing on the critical issues and risks, managing and engaging the stakeholders relationship, delivering the services that are cost-effective in nature,

MARKETING ENVIRONMENT3enabling a culture that is completely client service based, aligning the value proposition with the expectations of the stakeholder's, leveraging technology in an effective and efficient way, matching the talent model with the value proposition and also promoting innovation and quality improvement. The environmental audit of the Toyota is completely based on the environmental management system that is of two types namely the external and the internal audits. The main aim of the company is to verify their environmental initiatives statuses. It has been witnessed thatfor implementing high-quality internal audit and highly independent environmental audit the company has established a strong internal audit structure in which the director in charge if the audits appoint a team leader who is directly tasked with the implementing audits. Additionally, just under the team leader, there are auditors who are screened and selected from each and every business division of the company. Moreover, the internal auditors in the company discovered intrinsic and underlying problems at the respective firms and each company implemented the measures that are corrective in nature (Simon and et al, 2011).The internal environmental audit structure of the company is as follows: The responsible internal auditor: The main roles performed by the internal auditor are devising internal audit plan, summarizing audit reports and results to the president and appointing a suitable team leader.Team leader: The main roles performed by the team leader are holding auditor meetings, responsible for implementing audit, planning audit schedules and selecting supervising auditors and they are also responsible for reporting results to the auditor who is responsible

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