Marketing Mix and Marketing Plan of Cadbury : Report

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Marketing Essential
INTRODUCTIONMarketing is the management process which is responsible for anticipating, satisfyingand identifying basic needs and demands of the customers. It is the set of institution, processesfor developing, exchanging, communicating and delivering value for clients. In addition, it is anessential process by which business entity develop buyers awareness and interest in services orproducts. Marketing includes different elements such as research, direct mail, advertising,targeting and public relation. All these are highly beneficial for the business entity in order tointroduced their products and services in market (Al-Ekam and et. al., 2012). Further it alsosupport them to maximise their sales and revenues by providing better quality of commodity. Itis useful and valuable concept which is used by the all organisation with motive to achievecompetitive advantages in given time duration. This report is based on Cadbury which is given inthis assignment. It is a British confectionery business located in Uxbridge, London, UnitedKingdom in 1824. This study is divided into various tasks which include functions of marketing,interrelation between marketing and organisational department. Beside this marketing mix of twoorganisation and marketing plan of Cadbury also analysed in this project.TASK 1P1. Roles and duties of marketing functionMarketing is one of the best and essential aspect which is apply by each and everyenterprise with motive to maximise their sales figure. It is also essential for the business to attractlarge number of customers by using different kind of marketing tool such as promotional mix. Itis a best techniques for attracting maximum number of clients and increasing turnover byrendering quality products and services. Cadbury is a British confectionery business which dealsin different variety of chocolates and many other goods (Askeland and Wright, 2013). There aredifferent functions of marketing which is follow by the Cadbury are shown as below:Gathering and Analysing Market Information: It is identified as one of the importantand necessary functions which is follow by the Cadbury manager (Functions of marketing,2018). In this role of this functions to to analysis market information regarding customers taste,market demands and many other aspects. It is also beneficial for them to gather necessaryinformation in a limited time period.1
Marketing Planning:It is another valuable and useful functions for the Cadbury. In thisbusiness entity plan an effective strategy and policy with motive to accomplish long term goalsand objectives of company in given time period. This plan is based on innovation, modernizationand many other equipments which help to maximise their reputation in marketplace. Thisfunction play important role in introducing new products and services of company inmarketplace by using promotional mix.Product Designing and Development:This function also play vital role in sellingproducts and services in market in a systematic manner. Effective design of the products supportthe organisation to maximise customer base in the enterprise (Baker and et. al., 2016). In thiscompany tries to apply product development process which highly help to innovate theirproducts and services to the customers and in the marketplace.Customer Support Service:It is another vital and significant function of the marketingwhich support the Cadbury in order to achieve long term targets and goals in limited time period.In this role of business manager is to provide after sales service, credit, exchanges services to thecustomers which turn for the achievement and growth of company in marketplace.Pricing of Products:It is another essential function of marketing which play effectiveand beneficial role in deciding product price as per the needs and wants of the customers. It willsupport the company to attract large number of customers towards business services and qualityproducts at reasonable price (Brooks and Simkin, 2012). Main role of such function to fixaccurate price of the product according to customers needs and market demand. In cause ofCadbury, price of the products are different as per the quality and quantity of chocolates andmany other goods.Promotion:Promotion is significant and essential function which help the business tointroduce their services and products in marketplace. In this role on marketing manager is toapply different promotional mix such as advertisement, publicity, sales promotion, publicity andmany other useful tools. All these are highly support Cadbury to introduced their chocolates andmany other goods prices via television, newspapers and many other ads.Storage or Warehousing:Another beneficial and useful function of marketing is storageand warehousing which play vital role in storing goods at long duration. This function apply bythe Cadbury with aim to provide products as per the market demand and customers needs in aneffective and efficient manner.2
M1. Duties of marketing with respect to marketing environmentMarketing environment is identify the combination of internal and external factor whichsupport the business entity to maximise turnover and sales in given time duration. There aredifferent duties of marketing in relation with marketing environment which are determined asbelow:Marketing research:It is one of the main and foremost functions which help businessmanager in order to conduct market research. Under this, they analysis clients demands andneeds about Cadbury products (Burke and Friedman, 2011). Further, it will support to maximiserevenue and sales in an effective manner.Market strategies:It is also essential and foremost element which support the businessenterprise in order to plan an effective strategy such as promotional mix, this strategy includesadvertisement, publicity, sales promotion, public relation and many other (Berkowitz, 2016).Marketing information system:It is a best function of marketing which is essential andvaluable for the Cadbury to accomplish their predetermined objectives and targets in an essentialand effective way. This techniques render all information about product development, planningand controlling.Monitoring and controlling of marketing environment:It is another function of themarketing which is helpful and valuable for the Cadbury to control all activities and functionswhich are effects on the company (Campbell and Martin, 2015). It is the role of manager is tosatisfy basic wants and needs of customers.P2. Marketing roles and responsibilities in context with organisationMarketing play different roles and responsibility in the achievement of long term growthand success of company. With the help of this, Cadbury easily increase their sales and revenuesin limited time duration. Marketing includes different tools such as promotion mix,advertisement, publicity, public relation and many other that attract large number of customers.In the organisation, there are different number of departments are work with together with themotive of accomplishing long term objectives and goals in given time period (Cavusgil and, 2014). There are different departments whose are work with each other and aim to attainmaximum amount of capital. Marketing and organisation department are interrelated with eachother which are determined as below:3
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