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Marketing Essentials Assignment : Cadbury

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Added on  2020-12-09

Marketing Essentials Assignment : Cadbury

   Added on 2020-12-09

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INTRODUCTIONMarketing is an identical or essential concept for every organisation in present businessworld. It is the act through which the organisation takes various efforts in order to informcustomers aboutthe new goods and services to achieve set sales objectives. Role of marketing issignificant in every business organisation because it supports in improving the sales andprofitability (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Cadbury which was founded in 1824 and operate itsbusiness in confectionery industry which trade multifaceted types of products to the customerslike bars, beverages, chocolates, cookies, deserts, candies, etc. is considered in present report.This project will explain the important duties and obligations of merchandising function. Itfurther helps in establishing a relationship between wider context of organisation. It will alsoanalyse the structure by which the marketing mix of various companies can be compared. Thelast part of the report will formulate and evaluate the marketing plan for the company. TASK1Covered in Booklet.TASK 2Covered in PPT.TASK4P4. Marketing plan for Cadbury.A marketing plan is a written plan for organisation. It refers to a report thatsummariesthe marketing strategy employ by company to attract its customers in the coming month, quarteror a year. It also involves a complete statement of actual position of a business (Pike, 2016).Through marketing plan company is capable to decide the way of using the resources with anaim of achieving the corporate goal. Executive summary:Cadbury is an international company which was founded by John Cadbury in the year1824. The company is having its headquarter in Uxbridge, West London. The company deals inso many products like chocolates, candies, milk additives, bars and may more. It holds secondposition in term of confectionery after Mars. It is one of the most leading brand which isoperated in around 60 countries. Cadbury is popular for its dairy milk chocolates, the crème egg
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