Marketing Essential for Hospitality

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Marketing Essentialfor Hospitality
INTRODUCTION Marketing is the procedure of researching, enlarging, selling, distributing the commodityor services in order to render increased level of customer fulfilment which enable company toobtain competitive benefit in a productive manner. In addition, it contains an integral part inevery sector which enables an organisation to earn profit marginby making use of availableresources. However, a productive marketing strategy is regarded as of the main componentwhich assist firm toadd value for brand, capturing the attention of customer and maintainloyalty. However,hospitality industry is a combination of various departments likehousekeeping, food & beverages, travel and tourism where customer loyalty is key factor forcompany for acquiring best positioning within marketplace (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). Forthis document, Hilton Hotel is considered which is one of the multinational hospitality companyand it is commenced its operations in the year of 1919. Its headquarter at UK and serves itsservices worldwide. This study involves function and obligation of marketing as well asinterrelation with other business function in company. Moreover, comparison of two companiesmarketing mix and finally develop a marketing plan is also mentioned here. TASK 1 P1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with satisfying customer needsor demands by granting top-quality of product or services in nan affordable price. In thiscompetitive digital age, it is crucial to survive for longer period of time within challengingindustry without a productive marketing strategies. Thus, in hospitality industry marketingbusiness function plays a vital role as it enables an organisation to identify existing or upcomingtrends or demands of customers and according to that takes corrective course of action foraccomplishing their goal in an innovative or creative style. However, hospitality sector has beensignificantly thriving around the globe which contribute best portion of GDP for an enhancementof country's economy in an impressive and productive way. Along with this, marketing is aneffective way of engaging customers and also help company to build or maintain firm'sreputation in an efficient way (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Moreover, it encompasses differentroles and duties in an organisation which enable them to achieve their business aim or objectivein a productive way within the prescribed time limit.

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