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LO 1 1 a) Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions for the organisation Marketing is referred as the concept in which organisation strives to identify needs and demands of customers and after that decisions need to be made to satisfy them. In other words, it can be stated that this helps to focus on target market needs or wants so that business can deliver value in most effective way than competitors, so as to gain competitive advantage (Laurell and Parment, 2015). In this context, following are certain
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INTRODUCTIONSuccess of each enterprise depends on its marketing. There are several aspects of theorganisation depends on activities that exists in marketing. It includes various methods such asadvertising, public relation, promotion and sales (Pride and Ferrell, 2016). It also consists ofprocess through which products and services can be promoted towards potential customers. Inthis context, present report is based on Wilkinson Sword that deals in personal care products inUK. They produce guns, bayonets, garden shears, etc. During world war, they also producedmotorcycles and many other machines. In order to focus on the present report, it coversmarketing functions as roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, it includes interrelationshipsimportance in marketing and different elements. Moreover, it classified ways that can be apply inmarketing mix in business in context of marketing planning. At last, it discusses about marketplan for the selected enterprise. LO 1a) Key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions for the organisationMarketing is referred as the concept in which organisation strives to identify needs anddemands of customers and after that decisions need to be made to satisfy them. In other words, itcan be stated that this helps to focus on target market needs or wants so that business can delivervalue in most effective way than competitors, so as to gain competitive advantage (Laurell andParment, 2015). Further, marketing process consists of model in which several steps' comes suchas analysis situation, determines opportunity and frame strategy to formulate value proposition tomake effective results. In order to operate effective functions and operations, marketing managerof Wilkinson Sword focus on practical application of the business operations. In this context,following are certain roles and responsibilities of marketing department within the selectedenterprise:Conduct market research: Marketing manager has function to conduct research thathelps to gain proper understanding about customers’ requirements. With the help of research,manager able to assess opportunity that assists to make niche for Wilkinson Sword products andservices (Brennan, Binney and Nguyen, 2014). It is the major responsibility marketing managerof Sword to analyse the customers needs and wants by using the primary tool of research which1
is interview and questionnaires which assist the team in attaining feedback regarding products.Further the survey assist the Wilkinson in developing products according to market requirement. Developing marketing strategy: In addition to this, marketing managers is alsoresponsible for developing strategies within Wilkinson Sword. With carry these strategies, thechosen business can promote goods in target area of market to enhance volume of sales. Hence,manager play role to make competitive results (Merchant, 2017). The manager shares theimportant role with the firm of formulating market strategies by identifying the tactics ofrivalries which assist the company in attaining competitive advantage.Relationship management with customer: In the Wilkinson Sword, marketing managerhas also responsibility to perform functions of championing customer relationship managementwithin the enterprise (Tyson, 2014.). They collect information from customer database that helpsto create customer satisfaction. This is because, with the help of customer feedback about theirneeds and demand the organisation can provide products and services accordingly (Hosseini,Etesaminia and Jafari, 2016).b) roles and responsibilities in context of marketing to external environmentMarketing department of Wilkinson Sword has overall responsibility to increase theirrevenue and market share to contribute in growth and profitability. Marketing consist roles interm of advertising, publications and events (Pride and Ferrell, 2016). In the externalenvironment, they have following roles and responsibilities:Product development: Within the department of marketing works for inside and outsidedevelopment of product within the team to improves existing as well (Seifert and et. al.,2015). In Wilkinson Sword, marketing analyses sales of existing products and identifygap to bridge that to ensure maximum profitability for the company. Employees providedevelopment teams with information about customer’s needs and their preferences(Laurell and Parment, 2015). Analysing the demand for particular product by interactingwith consumers through various modes of communication assist Wilkinson in makingproduction decisions.Communication: Marketing department of the selected enterprise also make plannedcampaigns that develop communication material to promote product and services towards2
customers. Depend on the budget, advertisement need to be plan and email also drop formarketing program that create promotional content (Brennan, Binney and Nguyen, 2014).Events: Its is the responsibility of marketing manager of Wilkinson to organisepromotional events and activities which assist the management in recognising theloopholes and shortcomings which can help the business in making profits (YangandGabrielsson2017). Moreover, the activities helps in building strong relation with buyersas it establishes interaction with consumers.Sales Support: It is the ultimate responsibility of manager to communicate with salesteam because it is important for both the departments to establish coordination andcooperation between marketing activities (Aljukhadar and Senecal2011). c. Interrelationships between marketing and other functional unitsAs in Wilkinson, there is an important significance of marketing on other units of thecompany (Askeland and Wright, 2013). It has different impact on different departments ofWilkinson. They are discussed as below :Finance departmentThe marketing department at the Wilkinson ensures the fact with the finance departmentthat there is an appropriate budget in the organisation as they can be able to meet the needs tocover the research, promotion and the distribution (Batt, 2013). The Wilkinson have to ensurethat their business is operating within the financial capabilities. If some profitable opportunitiesmay occur anytime, they can overspend it by giving the employees incentives or some sort ofincrements (Begic and Duman, 2013).Operations production departmentAt Wilkinson, their marketing department ensures the appropriate research of the planand development is managed in a way that they are satisfying the needs of their customers(Begon, Howarth and Townsend, 2014). The marketing department sets a limitation thatstretches the abilities of the production department.Human Resource ManagementDealing with this department is essential for the marketing department because thisdepartment considers that appropriate staff is working in order to the proper planning anddevelopment of new ideas (Camm and et. al., 2014). Also, if they are capable enough of meeting3

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