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Marketing Essentials of Cadbury company - Assignment

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Marketing essentials
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INTRODUCTIONMarketing is known as the process in which product is move to the final customer.Mainly it is a coordination of four elements known as product, price, place and promotion inwhich features of products is determine. Basically, it is a process in which company use variouscommunication channels to interact with final customers and influence them to buy company’sproduct (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Cadbury, second largest confectionery company in theworld is considered in this report for study. Company deals in beverages, chocolate bars andvarious other items. Major roles and responsibilities of marketing department of organisation isgiven in this report. Further interrelationship of these functions with other organisationalfunctions is also detailed under this. Application of various components of marketing mix bydifferent organisation to achieve set marketing objective is also mentioned in this. Furthermarketing plan of company to achieve set goals is all given in this.TASK 1P1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function of CadburyMarketing:- Marketing refers to the management process which helps in anticipating,identifying and satisfying consumer needs profitably. Marketing is a process through whichcustomer needs are translated into revenue. In other words marketing is to meet customers needsand preferences. In context to Cadbury company can make better connections with customers forit's products through marketing.Current trends are important in the modern business era as, marketing world is continuouslychanging. Working through search engines will increase brand value and maintains relationshipwith the audience. In context to Cadbury, company uses different trends like – slides shares, ebooks, infographics, videos etc. According to future trends science and art plays vital role in success of marketingcontent. Complexity will be increased in customer buying decisions (Brooks and Simkin, 2012).In context to Cadbury marketing is more essential and important for the future growth andsuccess of an enterprise within predetermined period of time. Marketing process of CadburyOpportunity analysis:- The first step in marketing process is to analyse the marketsituation to avail the opportunities. Through this process company should focus on opportunities1
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that provide benefits for a long time. Both internal and external environment should be analysedthrough SWOT or PEST analysis to identify better opportunities. In context to Cadbury, themanager should analysis the market for better possibilities.Marketing strategy:- After analysing the environment the next step is to prepare astrategic plan. Marketing strategy includes segmentation of market, selecting target market,positioning of product in the market (Desai, 2013). All these steps help in setting a marketstrategy. In context to Cadbury, the manager should prepare an appropriate marketing strategy byfollowing these steps.Development of marketing mix:- After developing marketing strategy a companydevelops a marketing program which involves marketing mix. Marketing mix involves decisionsrelated to product, place, price and promotion. In Cadbury the manager should develop amarketing mix programme.Control and implementation:- In last step strategies and plans are implemented to attainthe marketing goals. Control refers to evaluation of strategies and plans developed to accomplishthe marketing objectives. In Cadbury the manager should evaluate the marketing plans to achievedesired goals.Roles and responsibilities of marketing function:- There are different roles andresponsibilities of marketing which are mentioned above.Market analysis:- Analysing and collecting necessary market information like whatcustomers need, quantity, and their capacity to buy is one of the important role of marketing.Necessary information related to the customer should be collected (Draelos, 2010). In Cadbury,the manager should analyse the market and collect relevant information about customers to knowwhich product will find best opportunity. Planning:- To attain marketing objectives an appropriate marketing plan should beprepared. Company should set up a plan according to their production level and efforts made bythem to promote their product. In Cadbury, appropriate marketing plan should be prepared by themanager by keeping these factors in mind which are mentioned here.Product development and designing:- In selling product there is an important role ofproduct designing. Products which are designed attractively by a company sells more incomparison to unattractive designs. In context to Cadbury the manager should consider thatproduct should be designed better to attract the customers.2
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