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Marketing Essentials
INTRODUCTIONMarketing includes the activities like social media, promotion, sales, public relation, pricingand distribution, advertising.Marketing concept help the organization to generate profit for thefirm. Beauty giant is selling cosmetic products in the market by purchasing the products from thesuppliers. It has all over 50 branches in UK. It wants to increase their profit by innovating a newanti - ageing product for the 30 above age. The report highlights the role and responsibilities of themarketing function and the interrelation of different marketing function. It explains thecomparison of marketing mix plan of “L’Oréal” and beauty giant. It also explains the marketingplan for the beauty giant company.TASK 1P1.Various roles and responsibilities of marketing functionMarketing function is one of the primary function of business as it helps in identifyingpotential in the market.The marketing function include marketing research, product development,finance team, human resource team etc. (The Role of a Marketing Department.2019).Managing the brand:The main function which the marketing department perform isrepresenting the company in front of the peoplein order to showthat what type of work thecompany is doing, what the company say about themselves and what type of experience will acustomer feel if they interact with the company (Bai, Chang, 2015). L’Oréal has rightly presentitself to the staff in front of the customer and has successfully capture the large share in thecosmetic industry.Promotion: The companies use various promotional technique for the promotion of their product(Feng and, 2015). For example, in order to create a strong brand image in front of customerthe "L’Oréal" makes celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi watts as a brand ambassador of thecompany for the promotion of their product.Conducting campaign:The marketing departmentshould conduct a campaign in order toanalyse the market. The company should first set an objective for the campaign then analyse thestakeholders in the market and should create a proper plan to achieve to the objective of thecampaign.Preparation of Marketing and promotional materials:The marketing department should makethe promotional material such asBoucher,cards which should contain all the information aboutthe product.
Packaging and labelling: Packaging is not done only to protect the product but it is a greatmarketing tool which helps in attracting the customer toward the product.The marketingdepartment design the packaging which are attractive for the customer.Pricing:Pricing of the product also defines the success or failure of the product as strategy usedby the marketing department in order to attract their target customer plays important role. Thepricing of the product and services vary according to the geographical location, competition in themarket and demand for the product. "L’Oréal"come with the different pricing strategies for thedifferent market."L’Oréal"bring new innovation time to time in the market in order to maintainits position in the market and their customers. The new innovation by the company also helps thecompany in attracting new customer towards the product.Creating content for the website of company:the marketing department should preparethe content for the website. The marketing department should ensure that the site appear as soonas possible to the customers when clicked.Maintaining social media:The marketing department should keep an eye on the socialmedia that what people are talking about them on the social media and how many times thecompany name has been used online. The marketing department should monitor the contentplaced on the social media. For example,"L’Oréal"is active on the most of the social mediaplatform such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook. The company has its own YouTube channel inwhich the tutorial video for the use of beauty products by the company is displayed. The companyalso started a social media campaign # POWERON in which the customers were asked to sharetheir hair moments.Creating strong internal communication within the organisation:The marketingdepartment should ensure that there is proper communication within the organisation as it isimportant that the employee of the organisation understand the companies’ values, goals andpriorities so that all the members of the organisation move toward the achievement of a commongoal.Conducting market research:The marketing department should conduct a proper researchto analyse the market needs so that product should be introduced according to the demand in themarket. By analysing the market, the marketing department will get an idea about how the productwill be perceived in the market and it also help in analysing your target audience. By doing themarket research the marketing department can know about the competitors in the market.
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