Marketing Essential Assignment : Coca-Cola

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Running Head: DESIGNING COCA-COLA COMPANY USE OF “THE STAR MODEL” 1The Star ModelName:Institution Affiliation:
DESIGNING COCA-COLA COMPANY USE OF “THE STAR MODEL”2How to change the design of Coca-Cola Organization by use of Galbraith “The star Model"The model can help in improving foundations that the Coca-Cola Organization bases itsdesigns of operation on within global marketplaces. For management of As Coca-ColaCompany, it will not be possible to change the design of the organization by use of Galbraith Jay“The Star Model” since it helps in establishing together with improving operations of Coca-ColaOrganization in marketplaces. Some of this importance of the model includes five differentcategories in making design policies (Galbraith, 2004). The policies of the model can beapplicable in controlling management and behaviors of employees. The strategy of the model canbe applicable in determining the direction of operations within Coca-Cola Organization.According to sediments by Galbraith (2014), the use of the structure of the model can help indetermining the location of power in the process of making the effective decision of operationsof every stakeholder within Coca-Cola Organization. The use of processes of the model can helpan individual and management of Coca-Cola Organization to improve the flow ofcommunication by responding to advancements in technology usage in operations (Halloway,2004). The technique of reward and its system present in the model can be used effectively inCoca-Cola Organization to motivate employees to work while focusing on achievingorganization goals. Additionally, the category of policies that relates to people within humanresource department can be applicable by the management of Coca-Cola Organization to bringhuge impact together with frequent cases of defining the skills, understanding, and mindsets ofworkers. All these designs within “The Star Mode” by Galbraith can help in improvingoperations of Coca-Cola Organization by eliminating different factors that can negatively affectoperation (Mosurovic & Kutlaca, 2011). Hence, ‘The Star Model” can efficiently help inimproving business operations of Coca-Cola Organization if an individual utilizes it well.
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