Marketing Essentials - eBay Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONMarketing is the process of operating the business of a company within which a companysells and promote its goods and services within the market with the purpose of fulfilling theneeds and demands of consumers by offering products and services according their demands andtaste & preferences. It can be an activity of creating, designing, selling, purchasing, promotingand delivering products and services as per target audiences of the organisation.It can bedescribe as thosecomponentsthat is useful inoperating and running the activities of marketingin effective and efficient manner(Akbar and et. al., 2017). This assignment issupported byeBayIncthat isan American international e-commerce corporation and operates its business in severalnations of the country. This organisation was established in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar andheadquartered in san Jose, California, US.Respective report willdiscussabout theresponsibilities and roles of marketingfunctions and how different functions of a companyinterrelate with marketing functions. Further, will explain aboutthat different elementsofmarketing mix which is essentialto accomplish objective of business. Amarketing plan willalso describe in appropriate and adequate manner in context of the company.TASK 1P1.There are variousresponsibilities and rolesare various roles and responsibility which areplay by marketing function in an organisation. They are defined as below:Gathering and analysing marketing information-this is considered as an essential roleif marketing function as it provide help to it the administration of the respective companycollectand gather information from market about consumers needs and wants regardinggood and workdone by company. In eBay, the management of the company assemble information regardingcustomer taste & preferences so that they can offer services according to them. When they arefamiliar with the clients demand then they take various decisions regarding successful marketingof its goods and services. In this way marketing play an important role to collect and gatherinformation so that the firm can familiar with the need of market and company can producegoods according to them.
Marketing planning-Marketing planning is an essential function of marketing as it helpsin as well as important in order to maximizing thegross revenue, production and publicity of thecompany(Baker and Magnini, 2016). In eBay, the administration of the company design andformulate plans and policies for themarketing of the company's services and products.Theyframed sales strategies to maximize the sales of the company and take decisions regardingmanufacturing of theproducts of the company which are provided by the company to itsprospective consumer.They make plan regarding promotional channels so that they can awarecustomers with their services.Branding- It is the process, procedure and activity of proving a brand name to a productan service to make it different form its rival goods and services. In eBay the administration of thecompany usevarious techniques or tools that is related to branding of its good and servicessothat consumers are well aware with it and familiar with its products and services which areoffering by it to them(Brychkov and Domegan, 2017). This company operate its business as e-commerce so it provides various services within it or by using the brand of it to its customers. Sothat those goods and services are known by the firm with the brand name of thus company.Because eBay is well known people andit lead to maximizing the income of the organisation.IneBay, the marketing function of the company is responsible to framed the policies and striates forthe branding of the company so that it can attain its success and set business concern objectives.Promotion- It is an activity and process ofproviding knowledge regarding manufacturedgood and services of the respective organisation organization byusing different promotionaltools and channels. In eBay, this component of marketing play an essential and crucial role increating awareness about theproduct manufactured by company as well as services offeredbythe respective company in order to increase sales as well as target audiences.So that they arefamiliar with the goods and services which are offered by it. For this marketing functionof thecompany needs to use various pronominal tools and techniques such as internet,social media,web advertisement and others because now these people are using internet and social media highlevel. This will help in maximizing the sales of the company by creating awareness aboutservices of firm which is help in maximizing the productivity and profitability of theorganisation. In eBay marketing function play and essential role to promote the goods andservices of the organisation.
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