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Marketing essentials
INTRODUCTIONMarketing essentials tools are helps to achieve the organisation target. In this givenproject the importance of marketing tools will be discussed . Its marketing strategies helps toachieve the target.(Pike, 2015.) Further more in this project marketing 7ps will be discussed andits importance to achieve the organisation objective. Present study is based on Your destinationcompany it is a transportation company which provides transport facilities like bus, taxes is the process in which company create its values and sustainability among customers.TASK 1P1. Roles and responsibilities of marketing functionMarketing function is the process in which organisation performs various tasks to achieveorganisation goals(Pike, 2015.). All process in which company implement the business plans tocomplete the marketing. Marketing department has the duty to contribute in company goals andobjectives. Marketing function helps to plan marketing strategies and business plans afteridentifying the marketing research. Present study will be based on Your Destination company,Your destination is the transportation company who provide transport facilities. In this projectmarketing essentials and its importance and its roles responsibilities will be discussed. Marketing concepts is the process through which companies enhances the marketingstrategies for future developments. Marketing strategies of transportation company will bediscussed. And business environment factors which affect transportation company will also bediscussed. Concepts gives guidelines and platform on which company full fill their objectives.Roles and responsibilities of marketing officers are :Maintaining the brand image:Inmarketingfunction it is the responsibility ofMarketing officer to maintain the brand value in the market. Your destinationtransportation company has good brand value because of its quality services which isrequired to maintain the values of the company. Marketing image of the company tellsits position in the market. 1
Creating new campaign and promotional plans: Marketing officer of Yourdestination company needs to analyse the environment so that they would help to createnew innovative campaign and promotional plans. In the market customer are alwayswant new technologies and products. it is very important for the organisation to givenew products otherwise customer get used to and switch another company to find betterservices. For example the marketing officer of your destination analyse the services ofits competitor who is national express match the services and prices. And make newstrategies to make better services. In the promotional campaign marketing officer needsto attract customers by providing new services and give more satisfaction. They givesample rides to analyse the services or offer some discounts on first rides. It is thepromotional plans by which company attracts more clients.Increasing search engine optimization: SEO is the most important tool to increase thecustomer’s attractions. Marketing officer of your destination company makes betterwebsite design for company by which they attract customers and get first position onsearch tool. Marketing officer needs to have creative mind to understand the currentmarket trends to help company in future growth.Increase social media trend: Social media is the successful tool by which companyearns maximum profit. Marketing officer of your destination needs to upload allnecessary content or services on social sites so that customer can easily get allinformation regarding new services or their travelling plan. Online social sites are veryuseful to promote new services. For example: marketing officer of your destinationcompany creates new advertisement for their next plan and upload on Facebook,Instagram, twitter because most of the customers visit all social sites on daily basis andtake all new information.Analysis of market: Market environment is dynamic in nature. It keeps on changing ondaily basis all new or existing competitors introduces new offers and services. For thishappened market officio of r the organisation needs to research and identify the internaland external environment and remove pitfalls of the company(Brassington and Pettitt,2013). Marketing research helps your destination company to make new strategic plansand give better new services to the customers. Marketing research show the exiting2

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