Marketing Essentials Assignment: Coca-Cola

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INTRODUCTIONMarketing refers to the activities that are undertaken by a firm for the promotion as wellas buying and selling of a product & services offered by the organization (Du, and Sen, 2016).It involves adverting, selling as well as delivering of products to the costumers. Present reporthighlights on the Coco Cola company which was established 133 years ago. Its headquarters is inUnited States of America.Responsibilities of marketing are highlighted in present study. their interrelationship withfirm and do comparison between various ways through objectives can be accomplish byapplication of the marketing mix. Along with this, it will prepare marketing plan for thecompany.MAIN BODYP1) Marketing function role and its responsibilityThere are various functions of marketingthat are helpful in achieving organizational goals(Ahmed. and Rahman, 2015). Roles of functions of marketing are as following:Promotion Marketing department is helpful in promoting brand and its products(Azhar, Prayogi andSari, 2018). It will helpful in promoting right content for the products and services which resultsin gain of customers trust as well as satisfaction. Gaining customer satisfaction helps in companyto enhance their market share which is one of the common goal of Coca-cola.Monitoring and managing social mediamarketing department has to monitor and manage the social media as it brings companyto more closure to their customers and become the most popular medium for communicatingwith them. This lead firm to get to know about their customers and accordingly they preparecontent in order to promote their goods on social media page(Fahmi, Fathoni.and Harini,2019). Conducting research- It conducts market research and gather detail about consumer needs. It helps the Coca-Cola company to conduct new customer through marketing. By providing various advertisementcompany can make aware about the company and their products. Research has to be done toknow the marketing condition (O'Cass.and Heirati, 2015).Implementation of marketing plan and strategies1

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