Roles and Responsibilities of Marketing Function (Doc)

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INTRODUCTIONThe term can be defined as set of activities which are performed by business organisationwith the objective to promote product or service for buying and selling among customers.Marketing is management process by which goods and services move from manufacturer tocustomer (Akbar, and et. al., 2017). The activities of marketing helps companies to attract andretain customer for long term by fulfilling their needs, expectations and wants. The marketingfunction is interlinked to other functions such as finance, human resource, sales and productionfunction as their purpose is to foster product as well as brand by developing and producing goodsas per wants and specifications of consumers. The present report is based on John Lewis whichis retail sector company . It was founded in the year 1929 by John Spedan Lewis which issituated at London, England, UK. The products offered by John Lewis includes watches,jewellery, giftware, clothing, food, financial services, cosmetics and many more. In the report itessential roles and responsibilities of marketing function will be discussed and how differentorganisational functions are interlinked to each other. Further it will explain about marketing mixcomprising of P's in brief manner. Also, marketing plan will be prepared for purpose ofevaluation of project. ACTIVITY A1.1 Key roles and responsibility of marketing as a function and interrelation with organisationfunction ROLE OF MARKETING FUNCTIONThe marketing department plays very important role in promotion of business as well asmission of organisation (Armstrong, and et. al., 2015). The task of this department is to reachprospective consumers, community and investors as this will help in developing positive imageof company. Therefore, role of marketing function in context of John Lewis is described below:-Managing and defining brand- The role of marketing manager of John Lewis companyis to define who you are, what you do, how company acts and what you stand for. Thisalso helps them to know about customer's expectations and define experience when the
interaction takes place. This role is interlinked with production function as itis related to developing products and services after proper market survey or research. Monitoring and managing social media- Their must be effective management ofactivities which are conducted on social media platforms. The role of marketing managerof John Lewis company is to continuously monitor and manage websites, social mediapages. They are also concerned with management of accounts in effective and efficientmanner. Conducting customer and market research- The marketing manager should on regularbasis carry both market and customer research (Baker,and Magnini, 2016). As this helpsJohn Lewis company to know about changing needs and expectations of consumers,perception about company and know their satisfaction level. Further this is interlinked tosales and production department as it concerned with both manufacturing and selling ofgoods and services for customer's. Producing marketing and promotional tools- The role of marketing manager is toprovide various departments of organisation. Specially this assist sales department withpromotional tools which help to attract and capture market share. Effective tools formarketing and promotion leads to influence large number of customer's to buy productsof John lewis company. RESPONSIBILITY OF MARKETING FUNCTION AND INTERACTION WITHORGANISATION FUNCTIONSThe marketing department is responsible for increasing revenue, contributing towardsgrowth and profitability (Campbell, R., 2018). Increasing market share. Therefore some of theresponsibility performed by manager of John Lewis are as follows:Setting marketing strategy- The senior executive of John lewis is responsible fordeveloping marketing strategy by considering aims and objectives of company. As the effectivestrategy helps to enhance profit, increase market share and growth. The marketing manager mayprepare strategy for specific concern such as to enter new sector, open effective channel ofdistribution and to reach wider geographical market area. Pricing- The price is considered to be monetary value of products and service whichcustomer's have to pay at time of purchasing. The marketing department of John lewis company

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