Marketing Essentials - Coca Cola Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONIn the modern era, marketing is a process of absorbing expected customers and clients inproducts and services. It states as a activities which is cover by a company to selling, deliveringand publicize of their products in effective manner. As a result people attract for their productsand purchase. There is also involving discipline due to undertake in customer and developrelation with them. For this presentation selected company is Coca Cola which was introducedby John Stith Pemberton. It is American based multinational company and dealing in soft drinksand other products. The main aim of the presentation to present marketing planning process toaccomplish business objectives and determine various strategies. There is a prepared marketingplan that applies 7Ps to achieve business objectives.ACTIVITY 2Comparison of how different organisation apply the marketing mixMarketing Mix:It is define as a group of different variables that are using by companyto combine and control to target market to get desired response. Marking mix consider as animportant marketing tool that comprises all the elements that affect the demand for the productsoffered by a company. It is mainly focused on satisfaction on the customers regarding severalproducts. Hence, a company introduce new products after analysis need and demand ofcustomers and fulfil their expectations. The main aim of marketing mix to spread out theirbusiness as well as profitability by using factors of marketing mix. The success and growth ofany organisation based on their marketing plan and how effectively implement strategy to fulfilthe requirement of customers. The main marketing mix has four elements which are price, place,product and promotion. With the help of marketing mix a business promote their products andtry to cover overall market for increase sales. Mostly company focus on their marketing plan inorder to increase profitability. Coca cola adopted marketing mix for reach at internationalmarket. Elements of marketing mix facilitate the thoughts about the price, people, product,position and so on. This assists them in preparing strategies. The 7P's of marketing mix arediscussed below:1
Marketing mix of Coca Cola and Pepsi– The marketing strategy different of both companiesCoca cola and Pepsi. Both are famous as brands and listed into Forbes list as “The world's mostvaluable Brands”. The position of Coca Cola is on 4thplace and Pepsi in on 28th. Hence, it makessense to say that these two cola market giants know how to do marketing and when comparingtheir differences.Product2
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