Mercedes Benz PEST Analysis

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Marketing Fundamental1
Current global market in continuously creating opportunities for the companies and it is veryimportant or all the organisation to have information of such type of conditions so that marketerscan make strategic decisions to expand their business. Mercedes Benz is one of the leading car inthe world which is known famous for its unique design and quality. The CEO of the organisationishas identified Asa as a new growth opportunity and also want to analyze the global marketconditions to analyze such factors that may influence sales of Mercedes Benz. PESTLE analysisis a good tool that may help to identify the market conditions of Asia (is a good tool that mayhelp to identify the market conditions of Asia (Andreasen, 2012). It is a combination of sixdifferent factors that are political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental.Political factors are mainly related to political parties of a country and their rules andregulations. Asian countries are highly controlled by political parties and they are givingopportunity to new companies to expand their business in their country as they want to grow theeconomy. This is a good opportunity for Mercedes Benz as it may expand its business there andmay get good growth as all the countries are developing countries hence there is a possibility thatthe organization will score a high growth there. The company may face threat also if the politicalparties impose any new rule for the new companies who are going to expand their business inAsian countries and Mercedes Benz is not able to adopt that rule than it may create problem forthe company will also result negatively.Economic factors are related to inflation or deflation rates. Both the rates change frequently andaffect the purchasing power of customers. Economy of Asian countries is continuously growingas it is a good opportunity for Mercedes Benz to expand its business there. If the inflation rateincreases than it may affect business of the organization as the cars are very expansive andpurchasing power of customers will decrease and they will not be able to buy expensive cars(Busch, 2015). There is a good opportunity and a big risk for the company in Asian countries ashigher price of cars may create problem in future. This may result negative and organizationhave to face a huge loss in future.2
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