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Report on Marketing of Silver Square Ltd

Added on - 03 Dec 2019

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Executive summaryName of the business –Silver Square LtdSilver Square designs, manufactures and markets hand finished, stylish jewellery made fromhigh quality materials at a reasonable prices.Product - silver jewellery (rings, earrings, chains and bracelets)Target customers – Business to Customer (B2C)The idea is to produce most innovative and unique jewellery designs which can attract theattention of the customers.Silver Square mission:“is to improve the lives of its customers by creating durable items ofextraordinary beauty that will be cherished for generations.”The company’svisionis to become the most loved jewelry brand in UK.
Business detailsCompany name:The name of the company:” Silver Square Ltd”Address:Walters Art Gallery90 North CharlesCity of Hood River – 541Telephone number:00900125622Legal status:Silver Square is a new business. The company is a designer and manufacturer of silverjewellery products. It has over 200 design models which include rings, bracelets, chains,earrings, and brooches etc. Silver Square has its own incomparable style which can get themremarked.The business will:Silver Square is a store where customers can find silver jewellery items such as rings,earrings, chains and bracelets. It is also a custom manufacturer of the silver jewellery.The idea is to monitor regularly the quality of products and service, prices, customerservice, product availability, quick delivery also to produce the most innovative and uniquejewellery designs which can attract the attention of the customers.Key PersonnelDetails of owner:Name: Peter WilliamsPosition/main responsibilities:The business owner, whose main role is to maintain control over whole business, besides the factthat he is the company’s owner; Peter also is the manager, so he will be responsible for humanresources that contains recruiting, contracting, planning and keeping track of benefits such asinsurance for the employees.1
Experience and knowledge of the industry:Peter has taken his undergraduate degree from CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art). At CIA,he studied graphic designing.He also worked at a local design firm to learn about product design throughout hisschool.The owner has done masters in Product Designing from the Iowa State University.He also completed an management degree-undergraduate level, as a BA (Bachelor ofArts)While working with another designer, he felt the need of having own jewellery business.Key skills brought to the business:PresentingIn order to improve his presenting abilities, Peter did a course in business presentation and publicspeaking. So this helped him to build up self-confidence and good knowledge to providepresentations for potential investors, customers or staff with some of the key skills necessary toget the message briefly and effectively.LeadershipWhen you are an employer, leadership will be a key skill, so Peter is able to motivate andstimulate the employee in order to get the best from them. The success of the company willdepend on the morale and productivity of the workforce, so it is his job to ensure that they are attheir best.Project managementIs vital for any small business owner to have the ability to efficiently manage projects, so thisinvolves identifying a specific goal and managing the resources in a way that guarantees this isachieved on a confident plan.Business experience and academic/professional qualifications:2
Experience of working in a local design firmUndergraduate degree from CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art)Undergraduate management degree, as a BA (Bachelor of Arts)Master degree in Product Designing from the Iowa State University.Sum up your business ideaObjectives of the business:The objectives of the first three years of operations are as follows:To establish a jewellery producing firm whose primary aim is to exceed the customerexpectations.To apply Silver Square deigns in at least 40 different galleries.To increase the number of designs offered by 10% per year.Business GoalsIn the first year of business, company expects to achieve a profit of £40,000.In 3-5 years of time, business expects to achieve expansion.Products and servicesProduct/serviceFeaturesBenefitsRingsRings are crafted from sterlingsilver and two tones with stunninggemstones.Comfortable and highlydurable. Mix and match toyour heart's desire.EarringsSuperb range sterling silver andgemstone earrings.Mix and match studs, hoopsand pendants to create a lookfor every occasion.ChainsNecklaces and pendants craftedfrom sterling silver and two tone.Attractive design. Mix andmatch to express your style.BraceletsFamous charm bracelets in sterlingsilver and leather.Beautiful design to celebrateyour unforgettable momentsin style.3
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