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The Summer Holiday campaign 2018 initiatedthrough First Choice i.e. part of TUI group toSpain and Turkey promoting their travellingservices and enlarging consumer number.Business can take effective policies and strategiesThere are several practices like advertisement andPR that are effective and logistic strategies ofpromotion that can assist in building stringcustomer relation along with better positioningwithin company to deliver loyalty and trustactivities, organisation can achieve promotionalpractices through social media, radio and TV etc.Industry of travel and tourism is increasing day byday as peoples are like to travel the world forbusiness purpose, recreational, leisure travel andstay at a various place which is different fromusual environment. First choice is a TUI Grouppart which are planning for making a 2019 summerholidays for Spain and Turkey.CONCLUSIONThis can be summarised from thisposter that through managing properpromotional campaign, one canachieve their and create awareness oftheir provided services.Hence, here are mentioned how thisis justified practices:To increase and deploy marketsize.To make services andfacilities development.To maintain and manageconsumer relations.To offer and serve customiseproducts.PR can help in evaluation anddevelopment of business whichmajorly aims on consumer andcreating credibility. Hence, thisstrategy is more effective andjustified in comparison to promoteenterprise.INTRODUCTIONMARKETING IN TRAVEL AND TOURISMPlan and Justify Promotional Campaign for First Choice Summer
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