Assignment on Marketing Management of Positivo Company

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RUNNING HEAD: Marketing ManagementMarketing Management
Marketing Management1Positivo is a company operating in Brazil which wants to spread its operations beyond its homecountry. As per the given scenario, suggestions were asked for the purpose of determining theirmarket selection and market entry strategy for a new smartphone that is ecofriendly,unbreakable, waterproof and targeted to the college students. China is recommended as the targetmarket for the proposed launch. Global Marketing Strategies for the product in the selectedmarket are given below:From the marketing manager’s point of view-a)Problem Definition- In order to launch a competitive smartphone in the market, the firstthing to be considered is the availability of cheap raw material, labor, machines and acost-effective place for setting up of the plant. Next, a market survey is required to bemade with respect to expectations and price range in the target market (Fryrear, 2015).b)Global Analysis- The global analysis provides that South Korea is the most economicalplace for smartphone production (Leary, 2016). Moreover, majority of the population inSouth Korea owns a smartphone thereby increasing the market at the place of production.China is also a good option in terms of cheap raw material and labor.c)Product Value- The product value of the smartphone depends upon its price and itsperformance which must co-relate with the value system of an individual. It must bewithin the budget of college students after considering the specific requirements of thestudents in respect of features like facial recognition, wireless charging along with itsoriginal features which are unbreakable, ecofriendly and waterproof. It must also be ableto provide sufficient profits to the manufacturer.d)Target Market- China can be best market since it is the most populated country and thepopulation is technology-oriented. Moreover, the shipping costs will be reduced becauseit is also a good option as a place of smartphone production thereby reducing the materialand labor costs.e)Solution- The smartphone is waterproof, unbreakable and eco-friendly but in order to becompetitive it needs to provide a premium product with the lowest possible prices andattractive body in various colors. Also, it must adopt a marketing strategy focusing onthese three key features which are its forte and must include affiliation with the various e-
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