Marketing Management Assignment

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Running head:Marketing Management0Marketing Management1[Document subtitle][DATE][COMPANY NAME][Company address]
Marketing Management1Answer 1The major marketing issues faced by Home Depot is employee participation withinthe marketing mix. The primary objective of the former CEO Nardelli’s was oriented towardsimplementation of a centralized as well as a military-like training for the purpose of creatinga disciplined employee, with a hope to drive the existing operations towards acceleratingprofitability in the future. The CEO lacked experience in retail thereby leading to disruptionof the customer-oriented culture of the organization. In addition to this, the CEO also wantedto restructure the organization by implementing advanced technologies in order to competewith the rival organizations such as Lowe’s as well as Wal-Mart. Moreover, Nardelli had alsostrived towards implementing the business model, however, he failed to understand that GEcompany which offered products and services to both the manufacturers as well ascorporations did everything which satisfied the customers largely.Answer 2Employee engagement has been considered as one of the most essential strategies inmarketing and communication. According to the point of view of the scholar Saks (2006),lack of employee engagement not only disrupts the quality of work but also the overallbusiness organization. In addition to this, Failure to analyze low employee engagement mightalso lead to high degree of absenteeism, bad decision-making as well as accidents andinjuries. Therefore, the best available alternatives for employee engagement are:Alternative Solution 1Improving the training programs and group learnings for employees and engage thosestaffs who are full-time workers than compared to part-timers. The most significantadvantage of this option is that the employees would get engaged while getting well trainedand become more competitive for their job role (Attridge, 2009)However, it would increasethe business cost as well.Alternative Solution 2Encourage employees to create and contribute towards enhancing marketing mix byintroducing diverse programs for employees, either weekly or monthly. This option willencourage employee participation thereby decreasing dictatorship over them as a resultenhancing the social relationship between the management and the employees. However, it
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