Marketing Management Assignment - Tesco

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Marketing Management
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYMarketing management is defined asplanning,research, executingand controllingprogrammes in order to satisfyclient'sneed and demand.For this assignment, the chosencompany isTESCO organisation thathas performed marketing management. The internal andexternal analysis has performed for knowing about effectiveness of those factors. For creatingbrand awareness and loyalty among consumers, market positioning has done. The respectiveorganisation has USP of providing high quality good and services in effectual manner. In orderto overcome gap amongorganisation's strategy of marketing as well as macro surrounding,actions of marketing mixhas taken place for achievement of set outcomes.
INTRODUCTIONMarketing is defined as the study and procedure of creating relationship and satisfyingconsumers need and demands. It is the set of institutions, process and activity in order tocommunicate, exchange, deliver, create offers which has value for partners, consumers, society.Similarly,management of marketing is the art as ell as science of selecting their targetedmarketplace,keeping,acquiring as well as leadingconsumers by delivering,developing as wellas communicating higher valueto consumers (MARKETING MANAGEMENT, 2018). It is veryimportant for organisationfor marketing its goods as well as services in appropriateand efficientmanner so that goal and objectives can be accomplished. With rise in competition, it is veryessential to understand requirement of clients for survival and growth. The chosen company forproject work is TESCO which was founded in 1919 that deals in retail sector. It serves varioustypes of products such as clothing, furniture, petrol, books, financial services and so on. Themain purpose of this report is to discuss about industry, their marketing positioningas well asUSP. Themarket audit, micro as well as macroenvironment and their potential for marketgrowth has discussed here. Also, there are some gaps amongfirm's strategy of marketing as wellas macro surroundings whichare explained with help of new marketing actions.BODY1) Background to industry, market positioning and unique selling propositionThe retailsector is rising with change in need and demand of consumers. According todata of 2017, retail sector leads to rise in economic output which was£92.8 billion andemployment was£2.8 million (Retail Industry,2019). Similarly, in 2018, the business of retailwas approx 31900. There is rise in retail sector which contributes 0.6% from three months toAugust which is more than previous last three months. There are four largest retailers such asWalmart, Morrisons, Sainsbury and TESCO in market. The organisation chosen for assignmentis TESCO,it was established in year 1919 at England, UK.It isthe leadinggroceriesas well asretailcompany(Ngo and O'Cass, 2012). The founder of this enterprise is Jack Cohen which ispart ofmarketingstalls. TheDave Lewis is known as the CEO of company as well as JohnAllan is non executive chairman.It is operating 6800 shops in different location which providesproducts and services to consumers. As per data of 2019, 450,000 employees are working forachievement of goal and objectives. Ithave varioussubsidiarieslikeTESCO Bank,
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