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The Marketing Activities

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The Marketing Activities_1
MARKETING PLAN1IntroductionBeing an individual, I want to develop a phone application which will offer tutoring services. It will be named as QuickTeach. It will provide help to the students in their school work. By using this application, students would be able to match the requirements for tutoring. Further, the overview of the company is given which will help in understanding that how the phone application will actually work and how it will be beneficial for the students. Then the company analysis will help in understanding the focus, objectives, market share, strengths and weakness ofthe development of phone application. Moreover, the marketing activities and the required resources like human resources, finances, etc. are all given for the better understanding of the business.Company Overview QuickTeach will help the students to improve their performance and grades at school as they can get the services of private tutors. The targeted segment for this phone application will be studentswho are from universities or high schools across Canada. They can easily log in after downloading the application in order to find the tutor. Moreover, the students of London would get the membership on the basis of certain degree criteria. The students have to post the subjects in which they want help and how much time they have. Further, the students would have access to go through the portfolios of the tutor in order to seek help from them otherwise the tutor would be given randomly according to the knowledge in that particular field. After that, the student would pay to the tutors through the QuickTeach application only. If the students would give reviews, then they will be getting coupons for the upcoming session. This is the method in order to advertise our application. Moreover, if the student recommends our application to his/her friend, then they both would get a coupon for the upcoming session. Company Analysis The company analysis will help in knowing the objectives, focus, strength, weaknesses and the market share of our business i.e. providing private tutoring services to the students through the phone application QuickTeach.Objectives The objectives of our business are:Serve approximately 800 students individually in the next three years.Maximize the number of tutors to around 30 in the next three years.Achieve 96 percent customer satisfaction.Rated as the best provider of tutoring services in Canada by the end of 2019.Obtain around 160 testimonials and approximately 100 public relation mentions in the next three years.Focus Initially, we will be focusing on-Promoting our mobile applications by using appropriate marketing strategies.Hiring tutors for our business in order to help the students to improve their performance.
The Marketing Activities_2
MARKETING PLAN2Developing our application effectively so it can be used with ease.Attracting students towards our application by offering coupons and discounts.Developing a sustainable competitive position in the market of Canada.Strengths The strengths of our business would be:Our people would be the biggest strength in order to achieve success.Our tutors would be an expert in their respective designated subjects and would further communicate their knowledge to the students i.e. our clients.Advanced technology in order to accommodate clients who are looking forward to tutoring.Our phone application would be easy to download and use along with the option of payment.WeaknessesThe Weaknesses of our business would be:Our services of tutoring would lack space on the site initially.The lack of funds in our business would also minimize the offering of tutoring services tosome extent initially.Retaining the qualified tutors if they would be in great demand for their expertise.Low recognition of the brand name would be a weakness for our business during the initial days.The application would not be accessible in IOS and Windows initially.Market Share The market share for our phone application would be around 75 percent for the androids. As it would not be applicable in the IOS and Windows, so the market share is relatively low during theinitial commencement of the business (Parker, R. D. 2012). Therefore, 75 percent would also be a great share for our business in order to start.Overall Marketing Activities Below are the marketing activities which would be significant for our business (Kotler et al., 2015):Marketing planningThe marketing planning would help in refining the strategy for the long term basis. Further, the plan would be adjusted any time depending on the current situation of the market and the business. The marketing plan would help in growing the business continually (Hollensen, S. 2015).Marketing materialsIt is very important to keep the marketing materials to the date whether the marketing is being offline or online. As we are going to do online marketing, our application would be updated on a
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