Marketing Plan for a Transport Company Assignment

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2Marketing Plan for a Transport CompanyIntroductionYour destination transport company is a UK-based transport company offering transport servicesacross the country in London and Essex but looks for further expansions to Manchester andGlasgow in Scotland. Their head offices are located in London. The company’s operationscommenced in 2015. The Your Destination boasts of a wide range of transport services; providedby a network of skilled and highly educated employees (Hussain & Ahmad 2012), (Shen et al.2009). The transport company operates on a 24-hour schedule which increases its reliability to itscustomers, hence making it very reliable to its customers.The Company ObjectivesThe primary objective of Your Destination is to become a truly reliable and preferred choice oftransport service providers across the UK. The company further looks forward to increasing itsmarket base to generate higher revenue and increase the profitability. Creation of employment isalso among the company's corporate social responsibility. With the industry characterized bystiff competition from other companies transport companies, intends to increase its value with atarget market basically targeting both individuals and organizations.Market ObjectivesYour Destination has strategically positioned its operations on an effective marketing plan. Withthe expected expansion to Glasgow and Manchester, it is imperative for the company to devisean effective marketing plan, which would incorporate the company objectives and the salesobjectives. The primary source marketing tools suitable for the company involve advertising.However, the company intends to make the full use of the marketing mix, and the four Ps ofmarketing to maximize their market presence[ CITATION Ehmnd \l 1033 ]
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