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OverviewIt is private industry founded in 1919 at UnitedStates. It assist in providing full service of hotels andresorts. Currently it has more than 570 properties in 85countries and territories across 6 continents. Hilton is thelargest in world in terms of hotel brands. It has targetedboth business and leisure travellersVisionThe vision of Hilton is to fill this earth withwarmth and light of hospitality by delivering goodexceptional experiences in every guest, every hotel andevery time. It mainly focuses on customer.MissionThe mission of Hilton is to become mosthospitable company in world with creating heartfeltexperiences for guests, high moral values for owners,meaningful opportunities for team members and creatingpositive impacts in communities.Marketing plan for Hilton hotelMarketing plan is business document which outlinemarketing strategy and tactics. It focuses onstipulated time period and covers marketing detailssuch as action steps, costs and goals. Hilton hotelis expanding its business by providing thetransportation services. The marketing plan forHilton Hotel is described below:Objective:The objective is to provide lodgingfacilities by enhancing customer experiences ontravelling through branded partners for achievingobjective of development of tourism commerciallywith national stake. It also provides customer withtransportation facilities with good experience.STPIt helps in identifying customer needs,opportunities and accordingly plan is made forspecific target consumer for better business. It isclassified as demographical, geographical,demographic and psycho-graphical. The segment isevaluated and specific market is targeted keepingeye on needs of customer. Each strategy isaccording to mission, objective and vision ofcompany. After targeting particular segment, thenext is positioning this is created by offering goodsand services. It is position, goodwill of business inminds of customers. Thus, this strategy is analysedby every firm before incorporation of firm andsurvival in marketIntroductionMarketing essentials
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