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Marketing Proposal Assignment Apple Inc

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Added on  2019-09-20

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Marketing Proposal Assignment Apple Inc_1
IntroductionApple Inc. is a famous American multinational technology whose headquarter is situated inCupertino, California. Apple designs sell, and develop different consumer electronics, onlineservices, and computer software’s. In this paper, we will study the problem faced by theorganization which affected its sale in a large manner. Steve Jobs established it in 1976. It isknown for its high and innovative quality. It is considered the largest information technologyorganization in the whole world. It provides various varieties of products to its customers so thatit can satisfy their needs in an efficient manner.Issue (High Prices of Products)The main problem of the organization is high prices of its products. Price is the biggest factorwhich influences the customer preference in a significant manner. Due to the high prices ofApple products normal person cannot purchase it. With its high prices, Apple contributes only12% of the market, on the other hand, its toughest competitor Samsung can contribute 32% ofthe market. It is because pricing system of Samsung products is quite effective than Appleproducts. The Samsung also provides features which are provided by Apple in its single product.The difference is that Apple offers same features in high prices, and Samsung at lower prices. Itdeclined the sale of Apple products. It is a fact that if Apple sales increases by 23%, thenSamsung's sale increased by 46% (Cecere, 2015). It will influence the overall productivity of theorganization. If it wants to be the market leader and want to enhance the sale of its products, thenit should offer its products at lower prices so that low-income group people can also purchase itsproducts and benefited by its high quality and advanced features.1
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Background Information on consumers, products, and competitorsThe target consumers for Apple is high-income people. This is because high-income grouppeople are highly conscious towards their lifestyle. It offered the products which match theirlifestyle with high advance features. Its quality and innovative features of products make itdifferent from the others. It deals in following products: iPhone: It is the main product of Apple which makes it highly popular. iPhone is acombination of both the mobile phone and an internet communication device. It offerediPhone with different features such as web browsing, searching, desktop-class email andWindow-based computers (Lay-Yee, 2013).iPad: It is the combination of media players and portable digital music. Its highlyinnovative features enhanced its sale in the market.iTunes, Mac App Store, iCloud and various other software products are the key productsof the organization which makes it competitive in the existing market.Competitive advantage can gain by the organization only be enhancing the sale of its products.Potential competitors of the organization are Samsung, Micromax, and Redme. They can gainthe huge market share by prices and quality of its products. They can generate high revenue withthe large sale of its products. Market penetration strategy of price fixing strategyCompetitive AnalysisCurrent company’sstrengths andweaknessesPotentialCompetitor’sstrengths andweaknessesCompetitive Rival’sstrengths andweaknesses2
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