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Running head: MARKETING RESEARCH1Marketing ResearchStudent NameInstitution
MARKETING RESEARCH2Marketing ResearchData collection is the procedure that involves the gathering of information, measuring ofinformation on directed variables in a systematic way. This enables one to get answers to relatedexperiments, observations, administering of surveys with the use of closed-ended questions andevaluate the results. The main aim of collecting data is to get quality evidence of information thatwill lead to getting credible answers to the posed questions. In order to maintain integrity in theresearch accurate methods of data collection is needed. There are several methods used incollecting data. The method can be qualitative or quantitative.The quantitative data collectionmethods involve sampling and collection of structured data (Kinnear and Tylor, 1987).Its resultsare easy to summarize the data, compare it and generalize it. This method entails strategies suchas;Qualitative data collection methods are very important as they provide useful informationwhich is used in the understanding the processes which are behind the already observed resultsand it affects peoples ways of thinking toward a problem and its solution. Qualitativeinformation collection method entails strategies like thorough interviews, observation methodsand reviewing of documents.Data collection methodologyThe use of questionnaires entails the giving out forms to the targeted audience. Theaudience then fills the form and returns it to the researcher. This method is efficient in fieldswhere there are high levels of literacy. This method obtains demographic data, people’s opinionsabout the church need, general information about the problem. This method only applies to thepeople know about reading and writing. This form contains questions which are structured with
MARKETING RESEARCH3blank spaces which need to be filled. The question is either open-ended or multiple choicequestions. Writing is always minimized and is even limited to numerals.Questionnaires can be administered in very many ways such as through emails, face toface or through the telephone. These questionnaires are complex in elaborating then andsometimes the researcher translates the questions in the language the respondent understands(Bagozi and Philips, 1971). This increases the chances of a higher number of responses from therespondents.In order for the collected data to be analyzed a hypothesis is conducted. Both the null andhypothesis is conducted and analyzed using the data that has been surveyed.Data ordering and analysisThe main reason for carrying out the research is to obtain data (Churchill, Brown andSuter, 1992).From every problem or need, data was collected and analyzed. Weekly allowancesof Pioneer students was the entire population of the students that responded was 50 out of 100respondents. The survey was conducted 45 included their valid answers and 5 did not respond tothe question. After analyzing the research it meant that more than 5000 students have weeklyallowances.The survey conducted on the number of times in a week students went in the canteen. The datawas well presented in a chart and a high number of students eat in the canteen almost half of thepopulation. There are no any cases of any students not eating in the campus canteen.
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