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Personal contribution during a time of program I give my full effort in program and research a lot. Further, I also conducted a secondary researchand prepare literature review. And I learnt various aspects from it. It is essential to learn the coreaspect of the subject matters. I did the deep study and the analysis in my report. There wereassumptions in my mind before joining this programme as I was not having practical knowledgeabout the trade and its policies. Along with this, I was not aware of the skills and workings of themine. So, my master programme gave me the opportunity to learn the things and then implementthose in my practical life. I also used my interpersonal skill in doing this project.My personal contribution as very high while doing the master programme as I learned variousprinciples of the business. I made my notes and handouts; I developed my communication skills andknowledge. My contribution was in knowing and addressing different aspects of the study modules.I attended the lectures and sessions. I taught my colleagues and made them learnt about the coreaspect of the study modules (Kolb, 2014). I gave my attention to the study papers and masterprogrammes. I did the deep study of the elements of the business and trade practices. I collected thedata from the internet also and discussed the matters with the senior persons so that their views canbe attained. I shared my knowledge with the surrounded and attained some information from themalso; this was beneficial for me as the master programme is complete by learning all the essentialelements of the course. It is very important for me to learn the theoretical and practical mattersThe assumption reach main form area of strength and development before a program is that Strength: My strength is the keen learning attitude and hardworking nature. This has been helpedme a lot in doing my master programme. Due to these specialities, I become able to learn the thingsand explore them as well. I learnt about the marketing strategies of the company. It was a great experience for me inaddressing all the matters of business and its activities. There are various opportunities for me I wasaddressing the element of the business practices (Boyd and Bee,2012). I did the work on theprojects which are related to the marketing strategies of the company and their impact on the trade.It is very important for the entity to take care of all the essential elements of the business so that itcan be identified that in which field the investments are to be made or in which field they are to bewithdrawn.I feel from learning experiences and opportunities is that Development Skills: The study always gives us something new to explore and learn the coreelements of the professional life. This has been a great thing for me as the programme has given me

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