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(PDF) Marketing Strategies Assignment

Added on - 19 Feb 2021

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Key Selling PointsA traditional Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tetsu has a vision to bringan impelling experience of sushi to alleyways of London. Theyprovides best quality of selfish and fish which is served byconstruction of best taste.INTRODUCTIONAdvertising refers to a means of interaction with users related withproducts or services that are being rendered by them. Basically, it isa marketing tactic which is involved within space for promotion ofservice, cause or products. Sushi Tetsu Restaurant serves withinUK which is specialised in sushi as well as sashimi along withchef's choice menu.ConclusionFrom above, it is observed that Sushi TetsuRestaurant provides their customers with an eyecatching experience in terms of menu that isbeing offered. While going out for food, peoplelook forward for value for money and it is beingprovided by them.Their ingredients comprises of crustaceans, fish,molluscs, seaweed, eggs, soya, gluten, sesame, etc. theyall are enriched in proteins and vitamins which willprovide healthy nutrient balance within individuals whowill consume this. The other major key factor is food isprepared in front of consumer so that they can besatisfied with respect to what they are consuming.Omakase menu provided by them is the best and mustbe tried by individuals to have an impelling experience.Around 3 hours are needed for preparation of food butthat is worth this wait and apart from this, the priceoffered by them is reasonable as compared to tasteprovided by them.Advertisement
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