Marketing Strategy Assignment - (Solved)

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Running head: MARKETING STRATEGYMarketing StrategyStudent’s NameCourse Code
1MARKETING STRATEGYa)Describe the environmental issues (PEST) facing the club.Chatswood club is dimly lit and have no access to direct sunlight. It is a common practiceto maintain such an ambience inside the club to make it look cosy and relaxing. It makes theenvironment damp ( 2017). With overflow of beer and booze on thecarpets or wooden floors of the club there is pest infestation. It creates an environment hazardfor the club and also for the locality in which it is situated ( 2017).Kitchen of the club do not have proper fog management which includes the vapours of fats,oils and greases used to prepare food due to which pests and bugs and even fungus mouldsbreed which harms the environment and health of people who visit Chatswood club.b)Perform a SWOT analysis of the clubStrength: Chatswood club is cheap and are open in every locality. People living there get anoption of a place to hang out and chill ( 2017). They serve cheapmeals and booze which makes it lucrative for people with low income.Weakness: Chatswood serve low price products and services which attract bad elements aswell ( 2017). The crowd visiting the club are not very civilized andthey are prone to club fights which damage their reputation. Chatswood club is not deeppocketed and lack in maintenance.Opportunity: Chatswood club have the opportunity to develop and become party clubs as theyappeal to the local culture and they inhibit their legacy ( 2017).
2MARKETING STRATEGYThreats: Local competition from other such community clubs is their main threat( 2017).c)Describe how you can differentiate the RSL from its competitors.Chatswood club is a local club with no other branch in the town. It has a single ownerwho was an ex-serviceman. Evening performances are done by the local artists which makesthe club happening for some time. It is also visited by some people who love sports and like toplay pool and snooker ( 2017). Apart from this some fast-food meals areavailable at cheap prices for munching but is a no proper diner. Other clubs in that area arewell furnished with a long table bar where the variety of booze is more and can be used fordinning purposes. They have a well sanitized environment and appeal to elite class of citizenswho live in that locality.d)Assuming there is no change (i.e. status quo), where do you see the club heading in 10years’ time. Give reasons to support your answer.If there is no change in the status of Chatswood club everything it offers will be the moreor less the same. Considering the rate of inflation, food will become a bit costlier but not muchand its revenues will only cater to the basic need of its maintenance( 2017). Itcan also close down as the rent of the place can increase which the owner might not be able topay. There is also a possibility that people will stop coming to the club because of its degradedenvironment. Youth of the community which is going to become its customers in 10 years is
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