Marketing Theory and Organization Design

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1MARKETING THEORY AND ORGANIZATION DESIGNIntroductionDevelopment of certain theories and their implementation in business is the keyconstructional management that examined by the business heads to provide a sustainablecondition to e organization. There are certain significant marketing strategies that will providegood economic and financial boost to the company. Marketing has extended their reach in termsof covering the international market and applied their approach to the geographical coverage andglobal layers of business expansion (Shafritz, Ott and Jang 2015). The purpose of that essay is toprovide a thesis statement over the designed organizational theory and stated the dimensionalityof the business model and implementation of those models in EMP gold company.The companyhas seven mines that are organized discretely as revenue centers. EMP also manages throughoutcombined ventures and at present the company has joint ventures mines in South America andAsia.Key PartnersThe partners basically are the suppliers who provide trucks and vehicles for the miningactions, and suppliers are there who provide necessary equipment for the mining activities. Thesethings are important for the mining and from those equipments of investment form thestakeholders the business will flourish and that will generate more gold evolution from themining area(Hollensen 2015). Legal partners and lawyers are there as partner or stakeholders formitigate any problem regarding legal legislation. There are certain distribution partners whoprimarily work over the market analysis and maintain the distribution of product in internationalmarket.Key Activities
2MARKETING THEORY AND ORGANIZATION DESIGNThe basic activity of gold mining has started from gold mines and there people work forpicking or collecting the gold ores from where ultimate gold purposes are fulfilled. Then thoseores are setting up for the refining and that will generate the original version of gold. Then thoseprocessed refining and smelting ores are separated in some refineries. At last from those goldores actual formation of gold can generate for delivering multiple purposes. These are thepossible procedure that followed from the gold mining to refraining gold verse and all thisinitiations has worked under the supervision of EMP Company.Key ResourcesEmployees, instruments or equipments for mining, land and god ores lifting machines allthese are the key resources that a mining industry should need. Apart from that manpower theyneed a good amount of money to be invested on and those adequate funds engage more activeand efficient employees to manage the work progression in a rapid way(Burke 2017). Therefore,skilled workforce and quality vehicle and equipment are the important resource for the companyto sustain in this competitive market of business sustainability.Value PropositionThe value addition of the company is always focusing on the business expansion by an ethicalapproach. The company is focusing on the quality products and that include the refining goldores that the company has predicted will be the best one in respect to market standard.Employees are trust worthy enough so that they also maintain the prime objective of thecompany.Customer segments
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