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Management &Operations
INTRODUCTIONManagement and Operation is an important administration of businessrelatedpracticeswhich helps inestablishinghighest level of efficiencyachievablewithin a company. It isprimarily concerned with effectively converting raw materials into finished goods and services asefficiently as possible in order to gain maximum amount of financial benefits. Moreover,operation management effectively aims to balanceoutcosts with revenue so thatoverflowingnetoperating profit is attained(Deihimi, Zahed and Iravani, 2016). This report is based on Marks &Spencer which is a multinational business operation. The respective organisation provides foodproducts, home products as well as high quality of clothing. The outcome this report will coverseveral aspects relating to operation management. It will cover functions as well as role ofmanager and leader within an organisation in order to accomplish desired business objective.Key approaches to operation management and several leadership theories will be analysed.Lastly consideration with regard to business environment factors which impacts operationmanagement as well as decision-making of leaders and managers is done effectively.TASK 1P1Leader is a basically a individual who shapes a particular business organisation so thatdesired business objective can be accomplished.Manager is a person is significantlyaccountablefor carrying out several function ofmanagement so that business tend to gain competitive business advantage.Role of Leaders:Within business organisation there are several role which are essentiallycarried by leaders through efficiency within business is witnessed. Following are some of themost dimensions which are carried out by leader:Vision: Leaders primarily tends to define the purpose of an organisation. A visionbasically includes next feature which an organisation is going to implement in order tocapture new market share(Hyde and, 2015).Strategy: After initiation for a particular vision a leader is primarily responsible forsetting several strategies through which desired vision can be achieved.2
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