Marzipan Fruits Bakery

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Running head: BAKERYBakeryName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1BAKERYAnswer 1Marzipan fruits, which are meant for consumption, can be store by the understated fivesteps:Step 1:Some of the marzipan should be rolled to a ball. The ball size should be made so that it can fitwithin a plastic bag.Step 2:Marzipan ball should be tightly rolled within freezer wrap or within a plastic bag. The surfaceshould be covered in such a way that there should not exists any chances for air to enter within it(Boerboom and Fischer 2013).Step 3:The wrapped ball of marzipan should be kept in a plastic bag, which is re-sealable. Air should besqueeze as much as possible and then the bag should be sealed.Step 4:The above steps should be repeated for rest of the marzipan.Step 5:The plastic bags should be put in the refrigerators for a month.Answer 2Marzipans are considered to be the type of the confection that mainly consists mainly ofsugar or honey with the meal of almond mainly augmented with the extract of the almond oil. It
2BAKERYis also made into the form sweets. Some common marzipans are generally covered withchocolates or any other flavor. Few marzipans are covered with the small and different types offruits and vegetables. It is also used in covering the birthday cakes in the form of icing in glazedconditions. The pastes of marzipan are used for making moulds of different shapes and sizes.But, in general the moulds of the animal models, egg whites are not being used for doing it. Eggwhites are used in mainly used for softening the marzipans but in case of preparing the marzipanmodels, it needs to be hard enough so that it does not breaks off. This is the main reason; eggwhites are not used in preparation of marzipan models.Answer 3The four key points that should be paid attention while making marzipan animals are asfollows:1)The side of marzipan should be covered with crème otherwise brown chocolate cake willbe visible which can affect the look of marzipan animal2)Appropriate technique should be adapted for drying the figures of marzipan. Ifappropriate technique is not adapted then the marzipan animal can be injured and the lookof marzipan animal cake can be hampered.3)Marzipan animal should be rolled for 2 to 3 mm so that the marzipan animal can maintainits shape.4)Detailed modelling of marzipan animal should be done. Utilisation of picks and spongeshould be done for detailed modelling of marzipan (Hoban 2016).
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