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Master Degree in Automation and Control of Complex Systems

Added on - 16 Nov 2021

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Master Degree in Automation and Control of Complex SystemsLaboratory of sensors and sensing systems
Teacher: prof.Bruno Ando’
Student: Mohammed Shafeeq Kaprakkadan
Matricola: 1000022994
Smartphone based home automation system using GPS and Light sensor
This project is based on the development of an application of smartphone based home automa-
tion system using GPS and Ambient light sensor.the sofware which are used to achive the goal
are LabVIEW in laptop and HyperIMU in smartphone.the main goal of the project is reduce
the manual intervention to operate Gate and exterior light with help of GPS based geofencing
and ambient light sensor in the phone.This prototype can open the gates automatically as user
approach the gate.
in to days world people want to make their life more easier than before,the motor operated
gate is an example for that, adding with that people are using remote controlled gate and light.
with this system can make someones life more easier than current,
in order to implement the idea here GPS and ambient light sensor from OnePlus 6T is used,
2State of Art
In the journey of the goal achievement there are some already available technologies have been
used.this project is the outcome of proper implementation of all the available technologies and
in this project both visualprogramming language (VPL) and Python programming are used.
VPL can be done in LabVIEW block diagram and with help of ”python Node” block in Lab-
VIEW block diagram the python program can be integrate in real time.following are the tools
and software used for the project.
Hyper IMU
Ambient light sensor
2.1Hyper IMU
Hyper IMU application is used to extract sensor data from the smartphone and transfer them
in real-time from smartphone to LabVIEW software in communicate between the
devices, User datagram protocol (UDP) is set up the connection between the devices
the IP address and port number have been edited correctly as shown in the figure1 (a).and
certain sensors were chosen for the implementation of the application shown in the figure1(b)
and (c) those are used to achieve the goal.
(a) IP and Port settings(b) Ambient light sensor(c) GPS Selection
Figure 1:Set up HyperIMU App
LabView is the software used for the realization of the application.It is the acronym for ”Lab-
oratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench,” and it is an integrated development
environment for the NationalInstruments visualprogramming language(VPL).It is mainly
used for acquisition,data analysis,process control,etc.In this case,it is used to realize the
idea to take the output signals from the sensors(smartphone sensor in this case ) and obtain
useful information for the general has two panels,one is the Front Panel which is
the user interface consisting of indicators and controls, and the other one is a Block Diagram,
which is to do the VPL program.LabView also gives the possibility to integrate Python script
and allows to connect it directly with LabView application in real-time.
2.2.1Python Node
The Python API in LabVIEW looks a lot like most other “railroad track” APIs in LabVIEW.
open Python session by supplying the Python version (note it only supports 2.7 and higher).
That generates a reference number, which can pass to call the Python node and then close 2.
The Python Node has several inputs.Of course Python session has to be given to that.Then
also have to point it at the Python .py file which want to load and the specific function within
that file want to run.That is just to set up the function call itself.
also need to define the output datatype (which is the type of the return value).Then need
to expand it and wire up allthe inputs.Due to Python’s duck typing,the inputs (and the
return type) will adapt to whatever wire to them.If something goes wrong, Python will raise
an exception which will get turned into a LabVIEW Error cluster if un-handled inside Python.
Node can be expand to add more inputs.
Figure 2:Python Node context
GPS is a radio navigation system.It uses radio waves between satellites and a receiver inside
the phone to provide location and time information to any software that needs to use
don’t have to send any actualdata back into space for GPS to work;only need to be able to
receive data from four or more of the 28 satellites in orbit that are dedicated for geolocation
use.for this project HyperIMU application can take this GPS data and send to the local UDP
2.4Ambient light sensor
An ambient light sensor is a component in smartphones, It is a photo detector that is used to
sense the amount of ambient light present, and appropriately dim the device’s screen to match
it.This avoids having the screen be too bright when the user’s pupils are adapted for vision in
a dark room, or too dim when the device is used outdoors in the daytime.Dimming the screen
on a mobile device also prolongs the lifetime of the in this project the sensor is
helps to identify the day light in order to operate the exterior light according to the necessity.
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