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Master of Secondary Teaching

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1MASTER OF SEECONDARY TEACHINGIntroductionIn the contemporary education system, it is very important to take up a proper educationpolicy and implement it successfully in the schools. The primary purpose of the schools shouldbe to adopt such a policy by which the school children can be benefitted properly. This is thereason as to why the schools need to take up a proper education policy by which they couldanalyze the difficulties faced by the children and identify them. These difficulties will have to betackled properly indeed. It is because the students face several problems in their school lives.The Australian Government has been looking into these issues proactively. They have adoptedsome strategies by which they could enlighten the lives of the children with the light ofeducation. Literacy is considered to be one of the major weapons in this society to shine. This iswhy the government is trying their best to provide the primary education in almost all thecountries. Another important thing in this case is the skills of the teachers. The government istrying their best to provide the teachers with the best facilities. The teachers should also look toimprove their skills and knowledge properly.Analysis of the educational documentThe educational document that has been taken here is the school education policy of theAustralian Government ( 2018).. It is a sensible thing that learning and teachingare two different things altogether. These two things are seen from the perspectives of theteachers and the students. It is the responsibility of the teachers to improve their skills and makelot of research on how they can teach their students with much ease. The students will also haveto understand the things that are being taught indeed. The schools have to fix their curriculumaccording to that only. The curriculum has to be ser according to the talents of the students inthose areas. The Early Childhood is a very important aspect in this understanding of the
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2MASTER OF SEECONDARY TEACHINGcurriculum and setting the targets that have to be achieved indeed. The literacy in the 21st centuryis much upgraded than the previous times. The digital resources will have to be used in theschools as well (Kovas et al. 2013). The literacy and numeracy skills are very important to improve for the teachers. Thegovernment has produced many programs that could cater to the needs of the students andteachers as well. The government has also taken up the strategies like the Adult Migrant EnglishProgram ( 2018).They are keen on providing the migrant entrants into thecountry. They provide the migrants of different countries and regions with the free Englishteaching programs for 510 hours. This might help the migrant people effectively indeed(Mohammadyari and Singh 2015). The government is also keen on providing the schools withthe relevant literary resources that could help the children in many ways. The governmentprofessionals are also working on the professional development of the students. They alsoprovide them with free training indeed (Kovas et al. 2013). The National Literacy and Numeracy Week is also celebrated as the schools in Australiawant to celebrate the success of the students and the allover development that is taking place inall over Australia ( 2018). It is also very effective to increase the developmentthe literacy and numeracy skills for the students. This will surely change the entire scenarioindeed. The school education is kept at the central focus by the government as they think theschool children to be the future talent pool of the country (Ball, Paris and Govinda 2014). Theyprovide the students with the training courses that could help the students with better speaking,reading and writing skills along with the basic skills in mathematics. This program also aims atsecuring the better future of the students by helping them to get a proper job indeed. This wouldin turn make the lives of the children easy from many aspects.
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