How an MBA helps to grow career in future


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Masters of Business Administration
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Topic – How an MBA helps to grow career in future
The MBA or the masters of business administration is an advanced qualification for the
people who are willing to build their career in the field of business by utilizing their professional
opportunities. It facilitates the students through its specialized pathways to develop their existing
skills necessary in the business related areas. The business related areas include the project
delivery, people management, reporting and many others (Buenviaje et al. 2016). An MBA
student is also privileged with the opportunities to learn the communication skills that is helpful
in establishing professional networks. I have completed my graduation with the engineering
degree in computer science engineering as my primary subject. I believe, wherever I go in future,
no matter in which sphere I professionally stand, the management skills learned in the course of
MBA will be worthy of supporting me in every stage of my career.
Apart from the knowledge I will be able to gather, an MBA degree is increase my salary
prospects because it is an internationally recognized qualification. Moreover, the employers see
it as an evaluating measure to determine the market value of an employee. The MBA certificate
can well communicate to the employers that the candidate possesses all the management skills
and will not be unworthy of the company to invest on. It has been found that an MBA degree
helps to have a grand pay at the starting and with the passage of time, it increases over and over.
In today’s competitive industry, companies are in huge pressure and rush to gain the competitive
advantages over the market rivals. Hence, it is obvious that the employment opportunities are
high as every company needs a trained managing departments or the human resource department
which handles the ongoing in the company and strategically paves way for future development
(Dmitrievich, Georgievna and Yurievich 2015). Notably, the MBA graduates are content with
various transferable workplace skills that are highly valued by the multinational companies

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