Master of health and international development

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Running head:MASTERS OF HEALTH AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTMasters of health and international developmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1MASTERS OF HEALTH AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTIntroductionPoverty reduction has been both national and international concern. However, thecommitment of different agencies in this regards has reached levels that was not possible toimagine a decade ago. Poverty reduction is the millennium development goal in manydeveloping countries (Koch 2015). The assignment is the part of the discussion forum portfoliowhere set of posts were delivered o the topic poverty, poverty indicators, conceptualisation ofpoverty, poverty reduction in India, and Ausssie children living in poverty. The discussion forumis based on the understanding of the chronicity of poverty, the causative factors of povertyidentified in the readings and factors neglected and the approached of poverty. The assignment isthe understanding and evaluation of readings and reflection on personal learning.Summary of the readingsPosting oneMy post in DF2 is-“According to Hulme and Shepherd's Article, "Conceptualizing Chronic Poverty"basically main stress is given on chronic poverty, its causes and analysis and the policies toovercome chronic poverty. In poverty people deprive of many basic needs such as –education,health, human and civil rights along with income. Their are multiple causes of chronic povertybut yes they can be analysed on the basis of many things like wages, financial status andlivelihood”
2MASTERS OF HEALTH AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTMy first post is based on the journal article, titled, “Conceptualizing Chronic Poverty” byHulme and Shepherd (2003). The key argument of this reading material is the multifactorialnature of the poverty, which can be analysed through the livelihood framework. The authorfurther argued that the there is need to further increase the financial allocation in the developingcountries for social protection. The readings give valuable insights into how poverty trends canmove to the poverty dynamics. Initially I was only aware of the poverty problem still existing inthe modern era. However, the readings for the discussion forum helped to realise the chronicityof the problem. I have better knowledge now on chronic poor, transient poor, and non-poor. Ichoose this posting as my best post as I was enlightened by the various factors that can beconsidered for poverty reduction. I was only aware on how the market forces can reducepoverty. I was not aware of the fact that it will not meet the needs of different people. Further, Iwas not aware of the drawbacks of generalisation of the approach. It gave valuable insights onhow the market based factors contribute to the continued deprivation of poor people (Israeli &Weber 2014). I was brooding over the fact that the poverty is derivation mainly in regards to theeducation and unemployment. I learnt that the other range of capabilities is health and humanand civil rights and their contribution in economic growth and enhancement of income. I agreewith the fact that the multidimensional perspective is important in analysing the poverty. Overallthe article has strengthened my knowledge base on quantitative analytical techniques as well asqualitative approaches for analysing the chronic poverty. The same is also supported by Walker(2015). The article is an excellent contribution to the public knowledge on the require policy andsocial actions to reduce poverty. My understanding and gain of knowledge from the article, isevident from my post, where I agree that it is need of hour to analyse poverty reduction frommany aspects such as livelihood opportunities.
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