Mathematical Assignment: Practice Standards

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Mathematical Practice StandardsFrom the document presented it has been approved that a proficient mathematicalstudent makes strategic use of necessary tools effectively. During the lower stage, studentsmay make use of simple tools such as rulers and pencils to solve arithmetic issues. It isessential for the mathematician to be knowledgeable on some instruments that are applicablein mathematics computations. The number of the tools increase as the student progresses tohigher levels. Precisely, in the in the elementary level mathematics students do use simpletools in their solutions, the use of papers, pencils are rulers are frequent as the student slowlylearn to make use of the instruments to assist them to evaluate a mathematics issue. The toolsare useful in presenting diagrammatic views which help the students conclude.As the students' progress to the junior through to senior high school levels morecomplicated but efficient tools are brought to their disposal. Items like the graphicalcalculators can be used to analyze functions and their solutions. The tools become morecomplicated at the college level than in the junior levels. At this point, the mathematicsstudents are exposed to a dynamic set of tools. This ranges from spreadsheets, computeralgebra systems, dynamic geometry software as well as statistical packages. The challengehere is for the student to identify which tool can best fit their problem. For a mathematicsstudent to be prolific, it is therefore mandatory that he/she assess all the tools available andselect the best that gives the most efficient solution. Also, technological tools can enableexploration and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts[ CITATION Jam00 \l 2057 ].The document highlights the need for mathematics student to apply practical toolswhen solving mathematics problems. A confusion which arises is the actual role of themathematics teachers when it comes to assisting students to select the necessary tools.Teachers analyze students work as well as respond to their methods of designing solution butwhen the students are left to solve an issue what role do the teachers play in their choice ofmathematics instrument? Occasionally selection of tools for tackling mathematics issues doentail a level of critical thinking on the part of the student being that teachers are not alwaysavailable when a student is addressing the problems, how are their activities responsible tothe students' dimension of thinking?In one of the post, the student indicated the use of mathematical knowledge in solvingeveryday life challenges as one of the attributes of proficient mathematical students. From thepost, the way the issue has been illustrated is to indicate and I wish to appreciate it. Thestudent has given examples of the style student can use simple models to predict and plan for2|P a g e
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