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Case Study Of Matrimonial Issues

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Running head: MATRIMONIAL CASEMatrimonial CaseName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
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1MATRIMONIAL CASEQuestion 1A married woman named Mrs. Atkinson approaches a lawyer named Mr. Cage. Mrs. Atkinsonsuspects that her husband named Mr. Atkinson is cheating on her. She suspects this because hehas been returning home late every night from work. Mr. Atkinson works as a Project Managerat a firm named Netscribes that primarily deals with E-commerce. When Mrs. Atkinsonconfronted her husband about his late arrivals every night from work, he was simply stated thathe was trying to clear some back-logs at work.As this is the beginning of a legal consultation in respect of a matrimonial case, it is the duty ofMr. Cage to obtain the following documents from Mrs. Atkinson:a clear and distinct description of her husband which includes his regular attire and anycharacteristics or marks that set him apart from others,a prominent photograph of her husband that is also recent,his work address,a detailed description of his car,knowledge in respect of the places that he visits regularly (e.g. clubs or pubs), anddetails of the individual with whom her husband is having an affair in her suspicion.1Provided that Mrs. Atkinson hands over all the above-mentioned documents to Mr. Cage, theprocedure can move forward.2 These are the documents that must absolutely be obtained and1Mosten, F. S. (1994). Unbundling of legal services and the family lawyer.Family Law Quarterly, 421-449.2Cunningham, C. D. (1998). Evaluating Effective Lawyer-Client Communication: An International Project Moving from Research to Reform.Fordham L. Rev.,67, 1959.
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2MATRIMONIAL CASEretained by Mr. Cage. It must be mentioned at this instance that a lawyer may ask a diverse rangeof other questions at the initial consultation of a matrimonial case.3 These may include:inquiring about the basic background of the husband,if he has had any affair in the past, andwhether Mrs. Atkinson has ever suspected her husband of having an affair in the past andif yes, the conclusion such previous suspicion came to.4Question 2For the purpose of this part of the assignment, I observed an acquaintance for a few hours. Thefollowing is my report on their behavior and movements:28th August, Monday10 am: Discreetly followed subject to the company he works in names Jeremy andReynolds Accounting Company, 20, Sunder Street, Brisbane. Discovered the car that hedrives, a Grey BMW E-class at the car park of the firm.10.20 am: Subject enters his office after a brief phone call right outside office. Theconversation was unintelligible from a distance. However, it seemed to be a client as thewords, “audit”,” slowdown” and “cut-backs” were repeated a few times.3Tesler, P. H. (2008). Collaborative Family Law, the New Lawyer, and Deep Resolution of Divorce-Related Conflicts.J. Disp. Resol., 83.4Gonczi, A. (1994). Competency based assessment in the professions in Australia.Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice,1(1), 27-44.
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