MBA403 Financial and Economic Interpretation

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Running head: FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC INTERPREATION1Financial and Economic Interpretation and CommunicationStudent NameUniversity Name
FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION2What is the company?Australian and New Zealand Bank Group (ANZ)is considered as one of the largestbank of Australia and has performed exceeding well in the last few years.How it is performing?According to the balance sheet of the organization, it can be seen that the profits of thecompany has considerably declined in the last two years. The net profit declined from 1783 to1535. In addition to this, the expenses of the organization have also increased considerably. Inaddition to this, it can be inferred that the expenses of the organization have also increased( 2017).Ethical issues of the companyFrom the recent news, it can be inferred that ANZ is suffering from severe ethical issues.ANZ was accused for fixing their respective bill swap rate and this has hampered their goodwillamong their respective stakeholders. Apart from this, ANZ was involved in child labor whichalso impacted their ethical environment (The Conversation 2017).Specific financial indicatorsSeveral specific financial indicators are there that can indicate the financial status of theorganization. One of them can be considered as profit after tax, which decreased in the currentfinancial year. Another indicator can be liquidity and profitability of the organization.Fact regarding the annual report of the companySeveral facts can be considered from the annual report of the organization ANZ. It hasbeen seen that the profitability has declined, while the liquidity of the firm has increased. This
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