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Modest Proposal - Prevent the Poor Children of Ireland

Added on - 02 Nov 2020

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McCraw1William McCrawProfessor Dr. David WilliamsEnglish 11112 March 2018A Literature Based SocietyA Modest Proposalbegins as a proposal by Jonathan Swift on the topic of what to do toprevent the poor children of Ireland from becoming a burden on society and a burden to theirown parents. Swift begins his proposal by describing the conditions of Ireland’s poor beggarsand the poor life they live. The proposal then takes a surprising twist when Swift proposes hisidea on how to fix the burdens of the poor people in Ireland. Swift provides his own politicalopinions and views on the topic.To begin with, Swift begins his essay by informing the reader about the conditions ofIreland. He talks about the large number of beggars that fill the streets in Ireland and thenumerous children that these people have. He also describes how these poor people are a burdenon Ireland’s society and the children are a burden to their own parents. Not only are the beggarsa burden to Ireland’s communities but also to Ireland’s tourists. Swift begins to propose his ideaon how to help lessen the burden that is put on society and on the poor people by the poorchildren. His proposal is that children at one year of age could be used as a meal. Although thisis a shocking proposal, he provides many views on why it is a solution. Among his reasons forwhy this is a great idea is that women would not have as many abortions because their childrenwould bring about a type of income, and men would be blissfully happy when their wives arepregnant because it provides money once the child is born. He proposed that the child should be
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