Mechanical Engineer Experience Summary

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Mechanical Engineer Report
Submitted for partial fulfilment for the degree of
Bachelor of Engineering
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
Western Sydney University
July, 2019
Mechanical Experience Summary
Student Details:
Student ID
Specialisation Mechanical
Company Information:
Name of the company
Brief description of the company SWARS International Pty Ltd, Consulting
Engineers is an Australian Owned, Design and
Construction Company Specialising in:
Civil/Structural Engineering,
Building & Commercial Works,
Infrastructure Development,
Railway Building & Bridge Works,
Project Management and is well placed to provide
a broad range of skills necessary for any
Minor/Major Development.
Mechanical Experience Details:
Start Date 08/07/2019
End Date 08/10/2019
Total number of days 80 days
Total number of hours 540 hours
Paid or unpaid (if unpaid initially then
provide paid and unpaid durations)
Supervisor Name
Supervisor Contact Number
Brief description of the role Contract administration,
Contact and setting up meeting with city councils,
Major and minor civil and structural works,
Preliminary design for current projects,
Site inspections,
Tendering and estimating for various projects,
Project management for current projects.
Executive Summary
It is totally related to the mechanical engineering. It is used for highlighting the practical
experiences within SWARS in Sydney. It is done at the end of the semester. I performed
various types of mechanical engineering projects. It was done during the training. It has
tendering, estimation and many others.
My friend told me about this company. He is an employee of the adminsitartive office of the
company.I applied for this company with the help of email and they called me to attend the
interview round. I started my internship within this company on 8th July, 2019. I completed
my training on 8-10-2019.
During training the company gave various chances in mechanical engineering as well as
Australia stage 1 competencies. I completed those assignments within sixty two days and
eight hours in a day.
I involved myself in many tasks of mechanical engineering like contact administration,
contact and setting up meeting with the city councils and many others. They gave me the
change to perform structural as well as civil works and initial design of the latest projects of
the company. It helped me to enhance multiple skills required for the industry.

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